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Flora's Friday Favourites #22

3 years ago / friday favourites

Guess who's back?

Omg I felt a little ashamed when I typed the title cause when going through my archives, I found out that the last Flora's Friday Favourites installment was over 7 months ago lol. But oh well, like the wise old adage goes, better later than never, right?

Here we go!

Favourite Food

If you love ice cream as much as I do, then it's time to up your ice cream game with LickerBites! Basically you get to choose your own base, ice cream, biscuit or fruit "bites" to mix in and more "licks" to top it off - my favourite concoction is coconut ice cream with pineapple bites and topped with fruity pebbles. Sorta like a happy (non-alcoholic) pina colada. They also have 4 signature blends - Mango Bonanza, Strawberry Chocolate Crunch, Coco Without Nuts, Tropicocoa, or Chocolate Utopia - that you can choose from and I may or may not be touting them because they are one of our Project 24 clients. But since I am at it, please follow them on Instagram to admire our chio pics and more importantly, check them out at Chevron House!

Psst, sweet young thing in the picture (the girl lah, not the ice cream wtf) is obviously not me lol.

Favourite Frock

This 50 shades of brown outfit I wore in Taiwan! Even my coffee fits in wtf. Never thought that I can pull off a longline coat given my (lack of) height but yay, somehow this outfit worked!

(The mum tum has to go tho... URGH!)

I miss dressing for cooler climates (all that layering!) and I'm glad that I managed to play dress up recently with the trips to Taiwan and Japan. Not too glad about the heavy suitcases that I had to lug around though :sob:

Favourite Face Thang

The facial oil from German skincare brand frei öl. I received their products via a media drop and tbh, was a little apprehensive about using oil products (they ARE after all the oil experts!) on my sensitive skin but omg their signature facial oil was such a godsend! It's super moisturising which helped me greatly in the subzero temperatures of Japan and just melts easily into your skin. I used it diligently not only on my face but on my neck, hands, legs, feet and just about every other body surface every night to nourish my skin after spending the entire day battling the wintry cold. Now that I'm back in Singapore, I still apply it every night on my face, neck and decolletage in a bid to look as young as I can, for as long as I can haha.

I also really like their hand cream that helps to keep my hands soft and smooth (despite washing them 357 times a day). What I do is to place it next to my computer to remind myself to use it... and I JUST dropped some on my hands. Mmm love the scent!

Favourite Find

The day has come, my friends, that I review a diaper bag haha. But if you want a diaper bag that does NOT look like a diaper bag, this is it! I love how this adora baby bag from Kipling goes with most of my wardrobe, work outfits included. And as a Mom, I love how it's roomy enough to fit everything I need (bottles, diapers, extra clothes, bottom balm and 3,000 packs of tissue and wet wipes lol) but yet remains light enough to carry around easily! My absolute favourite part of the bag is the included changing mat because as crazy as it sounds, I try not to use the baby rooms at shopping malls cause I don't trust them to be clean lol so the changing mat has been such a lifesaver for me to use on the go, in the car mostly.

Favourite Foto

Because I have a special love affair with convenience stores.

And onigiri lol. Onigiri is love, onigiri is lyfe.