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Flora's Friday Favourites

5 years ago / friday favourites

Five of my Favourite Finds, rounded up every week!


So I decided to put together every Friday, five of my favourite finds (alliteration maximum, my lit teachers will be so proud) to give you guys hopefully more insight into my fun, food-filled, fascinating (OMG I'm on a roll here!) life :)

Favourite Food

THIS salmon ceviche from Rookery - the new wine & tapas kid on the CBD block by Daniel Ong. I've always been a fan of sashimi errthang but srsly, this combo of fresh ocean trout with smoked citrus dressing is lethal.

Favourite Frock

I'm currently at my fattest this year (I have since gained 2-3kg since Bali :sob:) soooo the bodycon dresses are now taking a break and if you have seen me recently, you'll realise I've been wearing this babydoll dress I got from this little boutique at Seminyak, Bali practically every day.

But don't worry, I'm gonna embark on the Kayla BBG routine soon - after this weekend lol.

Favourite Find


More like forgotten-and-found?

This pair of white sandals that I bought in Taiwan years ago from some random shop when my feet were killing me and I desperately needed a new pair of shoes... that I have forgotten about till recently. Obviously not to be worn with 'em pink socks (fashion blogger much?) - I had brought socks out so I can try on shoes at Nike (told you I was serious about exercising) and I promptly took this photo to annoy the hubs. More LOLs at my unfiltered, alter ego account @floraisaHELL

Favourite Face Thang

(Didn't use skincare in the header cause I want to F-everything lol.)

Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment. Been using this holy grail to kill 'em pimples since I was 15, but yes, not only am I fat now, I'm also breaking out like crazy cause lack of sleep + time of the month. Lord, help me.

Favourite Foto

(Yes, the F thing again.)

Wouldn't be my blog if I didn't end it with (more) narcissistic pictures of me lol.