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Future of Us Engagement Session

5 years ago / working girl

Erm, role-playing games anyone?

I met Minister Lim Swee Say again on Saturday!

Sometimes I really wonder what's up with the universe and my star alignment these days. The first time I met him, I told him "I blog about bimbotic stuff" (thankfully I managed to redeem myself over tea, or at least I think I did?) and then last week I received an invite to a Future of Us public engagement session organised by the Ministry of Manpower but because I already scheduled a laser appointment for the day before, I ended up going to Gardens by the Bay....


Looking like that. :smirk:

It was quite a fun and interactive session honestly! We had this roleplaying game of sorts where we were dealt with different cards depicting the different attributes and skills we had (health, technical skills, social skills, analytical skills) and as job-seekers, we had to find gainful employment.

Plus like in the real world, we had expectations of our own too - namely pay & career progression, flexibility in our work arrangement as well and good job image.

Obviously I was dealt with a bad set of cards (quite literally...) and despite having one or two stars in every skill, I wanted the world. So it's little surprise that I was unable to find a job... duh, I wouldn't even hire MYSELF! But after some training and skills upgrading (I didn't use my looks. Cause even if I wanted to, I COULDN'T with my face like that lol), I managed to get a job as a programmer!

(No need face clients haha) :joy:

Min Lim personally chaired the game and the accompanying dialogue session which I was surprised cause he was really on the ground as gamemaster and engaging us throughout the discussion... in fact we were in such close proximity that I muttered to Smith, "Eh, actually very easy to kidnap him, hor?"

To which he replied, "Say louder lah. You dress until like that, you dare you say louder."


So anyway, we had a really good time at the game (though I had a friend who actually experienced mild anxiety when she still couldn't get a job after the first round of training) and at the subsequent dialogue session which was pretty interactive. I was surprised at how the participants were very ready to share their thoughts both about the game and the current real-life market situation... very unlike how we always try to avoid our lecturer asking us questions in class by sheepishly looking around lol. One 25-year old guy was even able to quote what DPM Teo said on 10 March 2015... (ya and it amazes me how I remember the age of that guy and the date of said speech haha)

You know, I really like how our ministries are moving along - or at least they try to - with the trends. Have you seen some of their crazy tearjerking ads recently?!

(And on another note, I'm not commissioned to write about this lah... You guys should know by now that I try to keep this space as personal as I can and I always just want to share about my life with you all - and going to this PUBLIC engagement session was simply something I did and I'm hence writing about it... even for my own documentation, that's all. In fact, I did not do that interview so I am a little miffed it was reported as if I did, but oh well.)


Purple oval for obvious reasons

Anyway, as you know, Smith went along with me for the event (that guy ended up all over CNA and prime-time news just for being there!) and we had a rather funny conver about it - it's my blog so I can declare it's funny - but you can read about it here and decide for yourself haha.