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Gardens by the Bay

6 years ago / travel / singapore

The #PlayingTourist series continues.

(Photos by Zachary Yong)

I've got to admit, the Gardens by the Bay's not an attraction that I was very keen on visiting.

"What's so exciting about PLANTS?"

As it turns out, as part of the #playingtourist series with my friends in town, I ended up making a trip down to Marina Bay and found myself pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself.

It was futuristic yet natural, educational yet interesting - the right kind of juxtapositions that puts Singapore on the world map (and on Hitman: Agent 47). Plus, there was air-con in the Cloud Forest which makes it the perfect hideout during this haze-ardous crisis. Definitely something to do with all that oxygen the plants are producing!

The necklace you see pictured - with the text 'Chilli to my Bakchormee' (in my handwriting no less!) was gifted by my good friends at TINKR. You guys should really check out their bespoke calligraphy pendants which will make awesome gifts for your significant other or close friend. I'm not saying this because they are my friends but the quality of their pendants - available in Raw Brass, 18k Gold Dipped, 14k Rose Gold Dipped or Rhodium (Silver) Dipp - is nothing like those cheap costume jewellery and well-worth every penny. Plus, the packaging that it comes in is seriously the prettiest around - I can personally vouch for that!

Quote my name and they might offer a discount x

Psst, the text on the pendant literally came from the horrible ingenious vows the hubs wrote for our wedding. Yes, I'm the chilli to his bakchormee wtf.


18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953