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I’m not a huge football fan… but the World Cup will always be of those things special to me.

I’m not a huge football fan… but the World Cup will always be of those things special to me.

I remember certain details of the last WC back in 2010… the boy was away on detachment in the Gulf of Aden and the final match happened when he was in Oman. Nothing major happened (no special flowers and flying doves wtf) but that was certainly the worst detachment he has ever been on.

And I also remember watching that Spain vs Netherlands match at some seedy lup sup bar wtf (my lup sup friends’ pick, not mine!) when the boy called and we ended up chatting through the match - he in exotic Oman and me halfway across the world in some exotic place too (though by a different definition of course). It was strangely heartwarming.. you know how they talk about “looking at the same moon” in all the Nicholas Sparks’ tearjerkers, we were looking at the same round… ball wtf.

Fast forward four years on and here we are separated again - this time round he’s in not-so-exotic Australia and me in boring Singapore… too old & aunty to bother heading out to catch the match. In fact, I’m going to bed at 7pm just so I can get up for it. Four years later I’ll probably sleep through it wtf.

But the good news is that unlike the last WC, there is something for me to look forward to this time round - we are down to T-5 now!

This time last week we were gallivanting in the cold at Picnic Point, Toowomba. That’s in Australia in case you didn’t know. It’s okay, I didn’t know too lol.

And this time next week, we’ll probably be having weekend brunch (dimsum because I’m guessing he’d be sick of angmoh food by now) and finally catching up on movies. I so need to watch Transformers!!

So here’s to having something to look forward to :)

Have a great week ahead friends!

And may Germany win!

Cause I also did the same thing as that kid’s father in the anti-gambling ad…