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Getting low and sporty

5 years ago / working girl

Werkin' it... slightly differently this time round.

Me and exercise is like...

Oil and water. Chalk and cheese. Night and day.

In fact, when the Sports Council asked me if I'm athletic... my first response was,

"Yeah. I wear sneakers sometimes."

The second was, "Shopping counts as cardio, right?"

The truth is, I used to do yoga and previously zumba on a regular basis but since the fall I had last year (I'm sure you guys notice the scar on almost ALL my ootds?), I have been rather... passive. A week's break turned into a month then 6 months... and now we are hitting the one year mark. Good job, young girl.

(Wearing H&M - yeah fast fashion even when it comes to working out lol - and my trusty Nikes that I got from Bangkok! Super good buy, I managed to get like, 50 bucks off by trading in my old sneakers hehe)

So they contacted me to do a series of Facebook Live videos for #GetActiveSG in conjunction with National Day to encourage Singaporeans to well, get active... and after day 1 of zumba, basketball (nope, still scared of balls) and trampoline bouncing, I toughed up and decided not to bail out on them despite the aching bones EVERYWHERE because,

1) I LOVE SINGAPORE! This is my country.... this is my flagggggg!

2) Who else better to encourage inactive people to get active than Miss Inactive herself, right?

Check out Gary's no hands lift. Putting the power in power lifting yo!

Anyway, after a week of working out (for the FIRST time in my blog's history, I'm using the #workinggirl tag as such)... I never thought I would have so much fun? Getting back into the zumba groove, trying out dragon boating for the first time and REALLY enjoying it! I'm even thinking of making it a regular thing lol.

I am also now slightly more disciplined in exercising like you know, I bother to actually try the clothes when I'm out shopping instead of just assuming it'll fit?

Ok I kid. I've been diligently trying out the blogilates workouts I told you guys about? I started with the 3 minute series (got to be realistic), then the 5 and eventually 8. These days I usually do a rep of the 5s and 8s... depending on how many durians I've been eating.

Thank goodness the season's finally coming to an end!