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Getting a divorce, or not

5 years ago / married life

Some tips, woman to woman.

If you know me well enough, you'll know that I'm erm, of a ripe old age of 31. Haha. Even though I don't really act my age sometimes...


Bao chicka bao bao!

For that I have my skincare sponsors, my rich in Omega-3 diet (salmon sashimi all day err day) and shamelessness inherited from my Mom to thank.

But yup, if you are of my age, you'll realise that we are well out of the wedding planning stage (unless it's your second wedding wtf) and it's usually either the are-you-going-to-have-a-kid-soon talk OR unfortunately, the so-and-so's-getting-a-divorce gossip.

Yup, divorce in Singapore is actually pretty common. Not just amongst my peers but as recently revealed in the news as well, that there are more couples divorcing these days.

The main reason being "unreasonable behaviour" and interestingly, more than half of the cases are initiated by the women.

I actually have a few close friends undergoing divorce right now and trust me when I say it IS pretty messy. Ploughing through Facebook for "evidence", bank statements being circulated to and fro... thinking of how to split up matrimonial assets and they don't even have kids!

I'm not encouraging divorce BUT here are some "tips" that I have picked up, woman to woman coffeehouse talk style:

(Thank goodness that the hubs doesn't really read my blog!)

1) Keep all your receipts (or pay everything by credit card) so you have a monthly statement to justify your monthly expenditure to upkeep your lifestyle.

2) When you get a place, if you have to pay for anything, you pay for all the movable stuff like the furniture and television etc. Let him pay for the permanent fixtures like the renovation, the parquet etc. Should the day come when you need to move out, you can take your paintings and dining chairs with you and well, he can keep the toilet bowl if he wants, I guess.

3) Not all pre-nups will necessarily be upheld and enforced in Singapore (especially those that contravenes the Women’s Charter) so it's best that you engage a good divorce lawyer to represent you (and not some joker who claims to be a lawyer lol...)

But AIYA, like I said, I do NOT encourage divorce (unless absolutely necessary) so with that, maybe you should read this brilliant not-even-two-cents piece of mine of How to Make Your Relationship Work. #kthxbye