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Getting married, the second time around

5 years ago / wedding

Finally continuing the wedding series!

This week has been a crazy week of nostalgia for me on Facebook as they keep reminding me of how I felt three years ago... in between our two weddings and trying my best to stay on my diet.


Wait.. did I say TWO weddings?

Someone, on the other hand, didn't see a need to starve diet

I had mentioned before... we actually threw two weddings - one normal wedding solely for our friends where they took the Eat, DRINK, Married theme too literally and another Singaporean-type one where we did the whole morning to night thingamajig to make the folks happy, complete with the fake styrofoam cake and dry ice for the dramatic march in - OMG LOVED IT! And because I'm gunning for the Best Blogger of the Century award, I am only blogging about the second wedding... a good 3 years later :sweat_smile:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

(Pay so much to get married...must milk it for all its worth right?!)

So ok... as you know, everything starts from the night BEFORE. Where our parents have to comb our hair and stuff... luckily we got married 3 years ago. Cause now the hubs... doesn't have much hair left to be combed. HAHA.

And apparently cause we're so last minute and referring to the fengshui guide only at the eleventh hour (we went to David Tong by the way), in the midst of the ceremony, the hubs (then ex-bf) texted, "Eh must wear new shoes leh?!"

So.... these were the newest pair of shoes the house had.

F his lyfe lol.

The next morning...

(By the way ah, I wasn't as bridezilla with this customary wedding cause it's really for our parents... so I got some friend of a friend to photograph it. The last I saw him... he was featured in the newspapers as a funeral photographer lol. Talk about marriage being the grave of love.)

I was so fuck care easy-going, I got my 20 year-old cousin to open the car door.

My meimei so chioooooo...


Oh, also no gatecrashing all that cause... aiya, no offence to those who like it but I honestly find it quite retarded. Actually.. maybe I should take the no offence part back cause I REALLY think it's a very stupid and pointless practice!!!!

Why do you want to put your husband through such humiliating activities?! And then he will have to get all gross and sweaty in his suit PLUS all the horrible stuff they have to eat? I know of a groom who almost couldn't attend his own wedding dinner cause of food poisoning zzzz

Getting me...

While on the other side,

I'm very sure the thoughts in their mind were, "Don't do it, bro. Don't do it."

(I mean, look at their nervous faces lah!)

But too bad for them cause tada!


I miss this car of mine.... :sob:

(Which I also think the photographer also likes the car more than my face because...)

He took a lot of photos of my car...

Like a shit load of photos.

By the way, the "floral decoration" for the car is like shit cause the day before the wedding, at 4pm, my father was like "Eh girl ah, what time you going to put the flowers on your car?" and I was like "WHAT FLOWERS?! Aiya no need lah, save money."

The Daddy looked sad and I don't like my Daddy to be sad so Google saved my life once again ("Last minute car florist Singapore") and I found some woman at AMK Ave 2 who could do up my car at 5pm on a Friday evening.

Daddy - 1, Flora - 0

Garry's sister who looks like Garry with more hair

Wahhhh... really so much memories looking at this rented place of his. Back then we were rebuilding his house so everyone moved out to different places for that one year.

Errr.... doing the bed thang.

And the tea thang.

My new daddy mommy!

And new brother and sister-in-law!

Chio sister is chio.


Then back to my place!

Where I exchanged some tea with my father...


Damn worth it :grin:

Then eat tang yuan.

And try not to choke and die. Apparently you're NOT supposed to chew on it wtf???

Really looks like Garry with more hair hor?

Back to my room where bossy boots briefs everyone what they have to do for the dinner later. Seriously who needs a wedding planner when you have Flora Lim?

The faces of those being bossed.

Garry's sister's angmoh boyfriend so handsome.

And THIS photo of the hubs perfectly illustrates how I feel from writing this post.. so I will write about the wedding dinner another time!

Hopefully it won't take me another 3 years wtf.


Our Wedding Vendors

Makeup + Hair | Joie Leong

Bridal Shoes | Stuart Weitzman

Wedding rings | Bvlgari

Wedding dress | Silhouette The Atelier

Second wedding dress | Alice + Olivia

Groom’s attire | Custom made suit from Paul's Fashion, Bangkok

Bridesmaid’s dresses | ClubCouture

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