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Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar

5 years ago / lifestyle / dress up / singapore

Rainbow bagels, coconut ice cream, Thai iced tea and more!

One fine Tuesday evening, we decided to brave the crowd and heat and made our way to the hipster-est of places in Singapore atm - the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar! We hunted down the $8 rainbow bagel (loaded with marshmallows, strawberry jam and cheese "funfetti" - it's the sweetest thing I've had all year!), coconut ice cream (not as good as the ones in Bangkok but good enough!), Thai iced tea (read comment before) annnnddddd churros! I won't give a thorough review of the food cause well, that's all I ate before I decided that the heat was really getting to me and promptly made our way over to the nearby Beauty in the Pot for my favouritest-est (yes I coined the term to signify how important this is to me) hotpot in the world!

I'm wearing a romper from Cotton On that's perfect for the bazaar heat (and every day in Singapore actually) with its strapless cut and easy breezy design. I particularly like the crochet hem which adds a touch of sophistication to this casual romper (though I have tried werkin' it for a meeting once with a dressy cardi) and how this shade of peach-pink compliments my fair skin.

I also have more looks from Cotton On coming your way soon and I absolutely can't wait!

Till then! xxx