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Go, Pokemon Go!

Conversations with the boy #346

Come on, you guys should already know by now that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm.

And no, I'm not referring to some pet name I have for Mr Go over here ok wtf.

I know you can't get the app in Singapore but here in Australia, it's HUGE STUFF!


The hubs has been a fan of Pokemon since like... I don't know when. And as a very supportive love-house-love-bird wife, I have also over the years, started to indulge in this passion of his or rather, indulged him in this passion. This includes spending a good number of hours going up and down the 10 storeys of Shibuya 109's Men in Tokyo looking for his Slowpoke (yes, I unfortunately know some characters...) T-shirt and lugging home an entire set of Pikachu bowl, spoon, plate AND chopsticks. When he eats dinner at home, I have to be sure to serve him his rice in his Pikachu bowl lol.

So anyway, in the spirit of Pokemon Go, I texted Mr Go himself:


(For the uninitiated, the image says Very lazy. Just eats and sleeps. As its rotund bulk builds, it becomes steadily more slothful.)

His reply?




FYI, I don't sing.

At least, not much.