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GoBear turns ONE

5 years ago / travel / lifestyle

How to get the best deals on travel insurance and credit card rewards!


Ōsu Kannon temple, Nagoya (Japan)

Given how much I fly (I'm hopping on a flight again in two days!), travel insurance is a MUST.

I usually go for annual plans cause it's so much easier - no need to buy for each and every trip - but for the hubs, I'll get for him a single trip plan every time he successfully manages to join me.

(Yah, like I always say - as with all other military wives, you can't never be 100% sure he can really go until he's actually on the plane with you.)

Introducing GoBear! is an unbiased financial comparison based in Singapore which has no advertising, no sponsored content, no boasted listing by any companies - just plain honest comparison.

So basically, if I were to buy travel insurance for the hubs, I can at a glance amongst the 1234567 travel companies out there (some of them I didn't even know about!), know how much it will cost me for each of them and make my purchase decision.

These info are all super updated - can even give you supermarket vouchers somemore lol.

Besides travel (and health, and car) insurance, Gobear also offers unbiased comparison for all available credit cards in Singapore and neither does it push products nor advertisements.

You get to compare between cashback or air miles and searching for the latter...

Yielded me 79 results :scream:

Okay. BRB. Going to master this credit card game and be the queen of air miles :muscle:



GoBear turns ONE and they are celebrating it by sending someone and a friend to Gold Coast, Australia!


Simply spot their bear mascot around town (I'll list the locations below) and pick up their Bear Wisdom and you could soon be leading the beach life with a friend via Scoot!


More details up on their Facebook page and website!


Good luck have fun xx