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Halley Medical Aesthetics

5 years ago / beauty / halley

My personal journey to looking and feeling better with Dr Terence Tan.

Looking back at these pictures taken last month at Fremantle in Perth, I can't help but realise that age is indeed fast catching up with me. Don't get me wrong, of course I don't expect to look forever young but I very much want to age gracefully. Doesn't help that I'm not one to maintain a resting bitch face (when I laugh, I REALLY laugh) so the laugh lines, wrinkles, sunken cheeks are all starting to make their appearance scroll up and you'll see what I mean :sob:

Additionally, with my reduced metabolism (entering your 30s is NOT funny guys), late nights, regular gin & tonic and bad eating habits (check out the fish & chips in front of me yo!), weight management is something very real.

With that, I'm very excited to embark on a series of makeover enhancements with Halley Medical Aesthetics over the course of the next few months!

The clinic's conveniently located at River Valley, at the quaint Mohammad Sultan enclave directly opposite UE Square.

Dr Terence Tan is incredibly friendly, approachable and funny so I immediately felt at ease. I also like how he doesn't adopt a "one size fits all" approach with his patients. He, very patiently, takes a very close look at all his patients (see what I did there? hahaha) based on our features, conditions and lifestyle habits before recommending how we can better enhance our looks!

I was recommended the following:

  • Fillers at my mid­face and forehead to enhance my features and address volume loss. The forehead filler will also give me a more 3D look.

  • Coolsculpting (To address body fats) + Total Slim Programme (Dr’s consultation + Medication programme)

Halley’s body contouring programmes

Halley Medical Aesthetics offers a comprehensive Total Slim Programme which is a doctor-managed three-step weight management program.

Through this, Dr Tan works on creating your own personal weight loss programme and he will follow your progress through a period of three months.

Personally, I find this programme VERY easy to go on as it does not involve extreme dieting or ridiculous lifestyle changes. Instead, Dr Tan focuses on managing your weight loss journey properly, easily and practically.

It is through the small changes that we can see the big differences!

Here are some interesting tips I'd picked up from Dr Tan that has helped with my dieting so far:

  • No yo­yo meals i.e. don't starve yourself in the day only to overeat at night.

  • Avoid "healthy" food: Interestingly, stuff like nuts, dairy products, avocado, fruit juices should be avoided as they are very high in fat/ sugar content!

Ask yourself a trigger question before you eat - Are you really hungry?

Alongside many other tips!

So far, it's been 2 weeks and I've already lost 3 kg teehee! :ok_woman:

Will update you guys soon on my fillers and coolsculpting treatments - stay tuned!