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7 years ago / married life / personal

The sweet forever-boyfriend.

Another Fatbear card for the collection!

This time round it’s for our anniversary ^ but it says Happy Mother’s Day wtf because according to the boy, these are all they have lol

Yes, his pet name for me is ball ball fml

^ It’s actually our bf-gf anniversary - do people still celebrate this when they’re married? Not that we ever had a massive celebration for this date… But I guess it makes a good reason to be sweet to each other once in a while!

Actually it’s more like him being sweet to me cause I completely lost track of dates while in Malaysia and didn’t even realise today’s the 20th lol

He had told me we were going for ice cream, but instead, drove to the exact same spot and asked, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Nothing fancy but it’s the little things that count :)

Though I had to remind him his exact words back then were “Ai steady mai?” wtf. #notsosweetanymore

Happy Anniversary my dearest forever boyfriend!