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Happy Birthday, Pops!

5 years ago / family / personal

Daddy Lim turns 64!

The men in my life!

Daddy Lim turns 64 today! Yup, on New Year's :)

The thing about taking my parents out for dinner is that while we always want to bring them somewhere nicer, because my father wasn't born rich (in fact very far from rich; my grandfather was a sailor), even though we are quite comfortable now, he's still really thrifty - like if we were to bring him to Shinji, he'll probably gawk at the price and tell you the fishes he catches are a hundred times fresher.

Plus my Pops has a heart condition and a very healthy bland palate (everything is often too sweet or salty or oily), I usually put in some effort to find a place that's "nice enough", "not too expensive" and "healthy" - and so, today we ended up at SUFOOD which I previously had the chance to review. This time round it's purely personal of course and I'm glad they liked it too - the curry cheese pizza is DIVINE!

I'm a Daddy's girl through and through. If I ever have a daughter I really hope Garry will be to her what my father is to me. Even when she gets difficult and defiant during those troubled teenage years... speaking from experience wtf.

I often tell people my father raised me to be the son he never had - all the positive traits you see in me? I got it from my papa. :musical_note: But I also inherited ALL his negative traits too unfortunately. We are both obstinate like anything, quick-tempered like fug and have tongues that cut so bad... you should see us when we disagree. Seriously, even my dog knows better than to be in the same room when we argue.

(A little morbid, but I used to fear that I'd pass on before I could make him proud. I'm no billionaire now but he has brought me up to know the value of things, and not price... so I think he's happy with who he's got.)

So anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY DEAREST (yes, he reads this blog - he just confirmed it with me this afternoon and I'm still absolutely MORTIFIED) - you were and will always be my first love and forever hero :heart: