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7 years ago / married life / food

The husband turns 28!

Was looking through my photos when I realised I haven’t blogged about the boy’s birthday!

We have been together for 5 years now and every year without fail, we will agree on no presents or fancy celebrations and then he will always surprise me on my birthday with some shingading, following which I will end up scrambling to get a present and begging for dinner reservations for somewhere, anywhere because his birthday is exactly a week after mine!!

This year I decided to wise up and I had planned a surprise birthday party months in advance (his birthday is in October). I got the venue settled, friends invited… only to be told that he’ll be away on detachment fml.

Anyway.. back to his birthday celebration last year.

I made us dinner reservations at one of the MBS restaurants but when he picked me up, he mentioned he was in the mood for Chinese. He’s not the kind into fancy angmoh restaurants and always says that he prefers spending his moolah on a good bowl of shark’s fin - our go-to place is Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck where the shark’s fin is so gao/ thick that you can eat it like beehoon (with chopsticks wtf) - rather than at a celebrity restaurant.

So… we decided to ditch reservations and ended up at Seafood Paradise!

We used to frequent the original at Defu Lane but I now prefer the branch at the Flyer cause I think the quality (and ambiance) is much better! We would have thrown our second wedding dinner (the family one) if the restaurant could accommodate more tables wtf.


Got this picture off the Internet… not bad right!


We always get the same dishes when we are there…


Drunken herbal prawns!!!! This is their star dish imho. The live prawns are really fresh and the broth is too good! Not too herb-y but very rich! I’m not sure if the promo is still valid but you can get 30% off all prawn dishes on Tuesdays! (I think.. call to check!)


Another prawn dish! I think they make my favourite Wasabi Prawns - the prawns are really crispy while the sauce’s not too spicy and a little sweet and tangy at the same time! It’s a close fight between here and Peach Garden for me.

And what’s a seafood dinner without crabs? We always go for their signature creamy crabs that go sooo well with the pefectly fried man tous!


You know, it’s his birthday but yet he was the one peeling the crab claw for me… Completely intact in one piece some more ;))) Okay, gushing wife bit over.

And because it’s his birthday, I did the whole pretend-to-go-toilet-but-actually-it’s-to-get-the-restaurant-to-surprise-him thing…

But because it’s a Chinese restaurant, they don’t have birthday cakes.


So they gave him two shou taos (longevity buns) HAHAHAHAHAHAA FHL


Walked around on the broadwalk for a bit after that :)


Pictures aren’t the most fantastic cause this was almost a year ago and back then I didn’t know much about taking better photos :’(


Here’s to many more birthdays to come!


By the way, is it just me? Or do I look much younger somehow in these pictures? It’s either I have aged a lot in the last couple of months or I need to get my botox review pronto >.<


Seafood Paradise at Singapore Flyer

30 Raffles Avenue #01-01 Singapore Flyer

Singapore 039803

Tel: 6336 5101