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Happy Birthday, my Singapore

6 years ago / personal / working girl

Cause there's nowhere else I'd rather call Home.

This morning I woke up bleary-eyed to the sound of sirens, turned on the radio and listened to our Proclamation of Independence.

And ended up crying. Bucketloads.

I didn't expect myself to get so emotional this weekend... the annual National Day Parade is an integral part of what I do for a living - I can't tell you what exactly. If I do, I'll have to kill you.

Additionally, August 9 usually means waiting up for the husband who's a regular serviceman to end his duties for the day.

(This year though, he's deployed to Brunei and I couldn't visit.)

I'm also the biggest grinch of this whole SG50 thing - SG50 fishballs you say?

BUT... I am immensely proud to call Singapore my home.

I spend half of my time in Thailand and while I enjoy my padthai (and tom yum goong), I never ever go out late at night - by that I mean 9pm - because I'm afraid that I'll get my kidneys harvested wtf.

I relish the times in Singapore where I can wear my engagement ring without worrying if I'll get my fingers chopped off.

I code switch easily between English and Mandarin (and a little bit of German) thanks to our quality education system... which got me into good schools because of my hard work and not because of my race or family background.

My parents weren't born with silver spoons - in fact, my Dad didn't have much of an education - but they worked hard and they rose. Because there were opportunities to. This social mobility we have is something that many countries look on with envy.

That, and the amazing char kway tiao we serve up.

Of course, things ain't all fine and dandy. Eating out is costly, people can be awfully rude, our trains break down and our public toilets... first world to third. There is ALWAYS something to complain about... I know we aren't perfect but, no country ever is.

Photo by Sheng Long Lua

So, political differences, complaints and imperfections aside, today is a day we celebrate our achievements, our dreams, opportunities and what it means to be Singaporean.

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore, there's nowhere else I'd rather call Home.

PS- Let's also not forget the many personnel who are toiling away today for us to enjoy this long weekend. Our military men (and women!), bus drivers, cleaners... they are the unsung heroes behind our Jubilee weekend :ok_woman: