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7 years ago / personal

A little confession here.

A little confession here: For the past week, I’ve been belting out Count on Me Singapore, Stand Up for Singapore! and the likes every single night, much to the husband’s annoyance.

Oh, and doing the S-I-N // G-A // P-O-R-E cheer too, complete with the hand clapping and ending it with "Gooooo Singapore, ohhhhh yeah!" every single time. Don’t pretend - you know exactly what I’m referring to.

Anyway, these pictures weren’t intended to be published at all. I was supposed to be behind the camera for Nui's photoshoot but ended up being dragged to go in front of it - sans makeup with unstyled hair but anything for patriotism right? ;)

To be honest, I felt a liiiiittle sad this morning when I was driving to work and couldn’t help noticing how clear the roads are. I guess everybody’s being a true Singaporean by taking off for the long weekend… but who am I to judge since I’m guilty of doing that myself >< But this year, I’m staying put and joining the boy at his squadron (he says I can sing all the National Day songs I want wtf) and ‘m totally looking forward to catching the fireworks!

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! You may not be perfect but there’s nowhere else I’d rather call home <3