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7 years ago / travel / malaysia

Pangkor Luat Resort!

Every week I count down to using the #happyfriday and #yayweekend hashtags lol

Tonight we’re catching Captain America! Not really a fan of action hero movies, in fact I’ve never watched any of them until I got together with the boy but I’m not saying No to Gold Class~

Fishing season has officially opened :’( Gonna see less of the boy but also quite happy about all the girly weekends ahead :D

Desire to travel is insanely strong now. I’ve been whining so much about it that the boy has agreed to go away on a weekend trip! As long as it doesn’t coincide with his fishing trips wtf

Am thinking of checking out the Pangkor Luat Resort after seeing how amazing it looked on Asia’s Next Top Model :P





TGIF everybody! Have an amazing weekend ahead :) xx