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Happy Holidays

4 years ago / married life

Taking time off this Christmas weekend to update this space!

Hi guys!


I'm actually writing this on my phone whilst seated next to the window, watching the rain drops fall AND soaking in the tub. I've been here for 3 hours in 2 days already, with my companion alternating between Devious Maids (I'm finally on Season 3!) or my latest read, Winter's Tale (yes, I'm officially obsessed with everything NYC) and sigh, at times like these, I'm really thankful for my life.

Sure, it can get quite chaotic and messy sometimes, and I have a husband who's constantly nagging me about the water I'm wasting because of my current hobby - though I'm telling him that with all the rain we are getting this weekend (did you see the flash floods?!)... I think I can afford to take a bath or two.

2015 vs 2016

We are actually on a weekend staycation at our usual yearend haunt at Crowne Plaza (love the new jewel wing!) and the cold prawns at our Christmas Eve dinner at Azur were incredibly sweet as always.

(This picture was taken LAST year! I hope nothing much has changed except that my hair's now longer lolol. And I'm now one dress size smaller... which I will be. After this festive season >< )

You know how December is always about reflections? Must be all that rain... but I was just thinking about how the hubs and I are kinda... predictable. I can suggest so many new hotels and destinations but we somehow end up at the same places - for the holidays, for anniversaries and even for Saturday morning breakfast (which is the good ol' hokkien mee the hubs grew up with).

Tonight we are going to our usual Japanese restaurant - where he'd brought me before we got together, before he'd proposed and after we'd married... way before Ippudo, Sushi Takewaka and the likes arrived in Singapore. It isn't fancy like Waku Ghin and doesn't impress people the way Shinji does but you know what?

That's pretty much our marriage.

Not fancy, unimpressive and almost boring even.

And I couldn't have asked for more.