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Rounding up Q1

5 years ago / personal / bali

Playing catch-up with you guys.

Helloooo everyone!

Sorry it's been a while since my last "catch-up over tea without tea" post.... more than 2 months to be exact? OMG where did all THAT time go?! :scream:

Here's a quick roundup of what's been happening in my life aka end of Q1 report:

Here's presenting the King & Queen of Bhutan and their bodyguards wtf.

1) If you haven't already seen from Instagram, we are in Bali - again! This time round, we got to explore Seminyak properly and OMG I FKING LOVE THAT PART OF BALI! The quaint cafes, the beach bars, the hot topless men, the clothes! (I bought SO MUCH from Gooseberry Intimates - why do sexy négligées always end up costing more than clothes for lesser material?) and now we are in Sanur, right next to the rice fields and local villages where I'm typing this from... Ah, screw Ubud and its overrated Eat, Pray, Love hippieness lol..

2) The heat in Bali is crazy, mad mad mad crazy. I'm so tanned and burnt it's not even funny. In fact, I'm so dark now that I think I need to change my toothpaste brand to Darlie.

3) The commando-trained mosquitoes here are VICIOUS. With a fucking capital V. I have a grand total of 17 mosquito bites on ONE ARM that my travel companions are impressed... either by their commando training or my ability to get bitten wtf. The irony is that this is the arm that I had pasted my mosquito patch on.

This heat is reallllllllll.

4) I am still losing weight (despite chomping on huuuggeeee breakfasts and having sticks of Magnum every day - erm, it's wayyyy cheaper here than in Singapore, don't judge.)

5) The hubs is leaving for Brunei soon for 6 weeks, or 1.5 months if you want to sound more dramatic lol. I still can't decide if I want to visit him.... cause, Brunei. And Sharia Law. Strangely though, in all our years together, I have NEVER visited him in Brunei... so maybe I should, in an attempt to find inner peace.

6) Work wise, some of you might have guessed (or did I say it here? I can't remember LOL) but I actually took on some new projects that are going pretty well so I am quite excited to see how the rest of 2016 pans out. Again, more will be revealed in due course but for now.. just take it as I'm a 007 agent, less the sexy black leather.

7) I really want to watch Batman vs. Superman even though I'm totally not a superhero movie person (OMFG I HATED HATE HATE HATE DEADPOOL BTW) but there has been so much buzz about it on Facebook and I'm such a conformist and sucker to hype... so, anybody wants to catch it with me?

8) I'm back to reading :) Not as much as I would like to, being a secret agent is HARD... so it's just poems for now. Current author of choice being Lang Leav and course, the basic bitch in me will tell you that I bought the book also because it makes a good prop for all my Instagram flatlays.

9) I also started writing for new site so if you can't get enough of me here, please head over for more of my awesome thoughts LOL. I publish several articles a week over there.

10) Sorry also for the increasing number of advs on this space - I need to put food on the table for my unborn, unconceived child and, not say I want to say but my advertorials are also quite interesting to read mah. Ok fine, I just did but really what, I think I'm quite funny, no? I like to read them and laugh to myself. Ok, now I just sound creepy.

But anyway, more non-sponsored content coming up soon... I still have all my travel stories to update you guys with! And.. my new hair! Have you seen HOW BLACK it is now? Omg what took me so long to discover that I'm DONE with light hair. Totally going black and never looking back...

This heat's giving #squatgoals a whole new meaning

(By the way, Gun is so fking impossibly hawt... I cannot take it. Not in this heat. Everyday I'm like some lonely housewife reading Fifty Shades at a Magic Mike screening wtf.)

Ok, I got to go now. Zach is screaming for me to be some "model" beside a tree.

By that, I think he means I stand to mark the spot for him to frame the picture... and Nui to be the actual model.

Flora Isabelle, stand-in model by day... body double (who needs a lot of photoshop) by night.

Catch you guys soon xxxx