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Hello from Japan!

6 years ago / travel / japan

Konnichiwa Nihon.

1. Bright lights, big city at Dotonburi. 2. What taking a dip looks like at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Osaka. 3. Kimono girls at Kuromon market. 4. Died and gone to otoro heaven. 5. Trotting about Osaka. 6. Early mornings in Wabuka. 7. These birds scare the hell out of me actually. 8. Shibuya crossing. 9. Hachiko - fat cat - husband stareoff at Shibuya. 10. Kimono girl crossing the street. 10. Shibuya in all its glory

It's been almost 2 years since the boy and I took a long holiday (which coincidentally was also to Japan in 2013).

He had 2 weeks of leave to clear (and many more to burn) and so we decided to head back to our favorite country where we can gel his interests (food) alongside culture, tradition, shopping and scenery (all mine).

Ok fine, I also slotted in a couple of meetings but only a handful!

This time round, we decided to give Kyoto a miss and spend our time exploring the seaside town of Wakayama, join our friends (by that I mean Zach and Nui) in Osaka before ending it with a bang in Tokyo.

Wakayama was a complete accident though - I thought I'd booked us a ryokan in Osaka only to realise upon landing at Kansai International Airport that it would take us three train rides and an entire day to get to Wabuka, throughout which I had to endure his warnings that he'd kill me if we were to arrive and find out that it doesn't exist.

It does exist - thankfully - and we spent the next 48 hours without (much) internet connection, catching the sunrise at 430am, swimming in the ocean and soaking in our private onsen.

Osaka, like everyone says, was ah-mazing for the food but city vibes wise, I still prefer Tokyo. There's just this certain indescribable energy pumpin' in the air!

Alright, final day to load up on green tea errthang - I'm sipping on a honey matcha latte as I type this. Till next time!

PS- Pictures are looking mighty fine because the hubs accidentally reformatted my memory card (!!!!!! wtfbbqomg) and he's been trying to make amends by upping the photography game - don't think I don't know okay!