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Hello from the Goldie!

7 years ago / travel / australia / gold coast

Had one of the best weekends of my life!

Good morning Gold Coast // First selfie in Oz // Surprisingly good Japanese food // Surfer’s Paradise // To infinity and beyond

Hello from the Goldie!

Had one of the best weekends of my life - woke up to an amazing view of Broadbeach from Sofitel (well, I gotta admit it, the boy might have been right that a serviced apartment could have been a better choice) and spent a glorious afternoon basking in the sun at Surfer’s Paradise. By that I mean, fully clothed - in three layers no less - and sipping hot chocolate, quite unlike the numerous hot bods prancing around in bikinis in this 17°C weather.

The boy brought me to CHA CHA for lunch - this authentic Japanese establishment that totally reminds me of the yums I had in Tokyo. And I’m probably not the only one who thinks so, judging by the number of Japanese diners at the restaurant. Go for the steak curry and the spicy ramen, tried and tested to be awesome! Probably the last good Asian meal I’m gonna have - but the rest of our meals have been wonderful too so I ain’t complaining. Can’t wait to share about the best spaghetti carbonara I’ve had in my life!

The skies here are just way too pretty… we’ll drive a little and I’ll scream for the boy to slow down, just so I can whip out my camera and capture yet another cotton-candy fluffy white goodness. The little things in life!

And on a more personal note… while I was standing at the Arrivals Hall at the Brisbane Airport, I got a teeeeeny bit weirded out. And self-conscious. Will he like my new hair? Is my makeup still intact from the long flight? Am I too over/under dressed? The same kinda questions I had all those years ago when I first visited him on detachment… all those butterflies that were multiplying in my tummy by the second.

And then in true Mr. Go fashion, I heard someone asking me from behind, “Hello Miss, could I get your number?”

I guess that’s the thing about being with the one - you can be separated for weeks or months or years, but when you finally reunite, it’ll always feel like home.