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Hello, how are you?

3 weeks into 2016 and hey, hello from the other side.

(Photos taken at Busselton, Western Australia by Carrie & Cheryl when I was trying very hard not to flash myself wtf.)

Okay, quick catch up guys before I got to run. Sorry I've been a little quiet here lately, I've been reeeallllyyyyy busy with some new projects I'm working on, I don't even see much of MY HUSBAND - So really baby, it's not you, it's me.

Just so you know, my daily schedule is pretty much like this: Wake up bloody early before the crack of dawn, clear emails (so that my staff can go in to office and see what a nutjob slavedriver their boss is), realize OMFGWTFBBQ IT'S 8AM ALREADY? Rush into the bathroom and out of the house in 15 minutes (Sorry gaise if you often see me repeating the same few throw-on-and-go dresses), do my makeup in the car (I've mastered the art of drawing my eyeliner wingtip in the precise number of SECONDS it takes for the traffic light outside my street to switch from red to green), spend my day zipping in and out of meetings and I'm not sure what exactly happens here but somehow the clock miraculously changes from 830am to 11pm where I'll stagger home, try very very very very hard not to fall asleep in the shower (I've been sleeping with wet hair every single night for 2 weeks), crawl into bed at midnight while mentally crafting some gibberish emails and have my alarm scare the living lights out of me at 430am.

Eat, sleep, rave slave, repeat wtf.

I don't even have time to get a proper hair wash these days :sob:

(Thank goodness for the Mucota treatment I did recently at Headlines which gives me impossibly neat hair - more details coming soon!)

But now that I have a couple of minutes (honestly it says 7:54am at the corner of my Mac and my heart is getting quite jittery*), I thought I would do a quick catch up and you know, have some time for myself to THINK.

1) I have been a happy heavy coffee (skinny latte no sugar) / tea (tea c kosong peng jia c) drinker for the longest time, but these days I find myself getting palpitations whenever I have a cup. WAI ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME, CAFFEINE GODS?

2) My car's COE is up this August. I think it's time to start looking around for a new car but we are at this crossroads that I think we should get something family-friendlier, not that I want a child like nao nao nao but a car is FOR TEN YEARZZZ so I think sometime in between I will be using it to house baby seats, strollers, school bags and oh ya, the kid too of course.

3) Though I still don't want my own kid yet. The hub's best friend just had his firstborn last week and suddenly all the boys are interested in MY (nonexistent) child wtf. They say it's cause my maternal instinct hasn't kicked in - but how does it work really? Do you suddenly wake up one morning and go Hey world, guess what? I'm ready to be a mother yo! But yah yah, I know bio clock tick tock and all, so yes, I will most prob start seriously thinking about it.... next year.

4) Oh yah, I have two trips coming up! One to Japan next month with the hubs and Zach and Nui (We scored tickets on Delta for only $450!!!! Don't say neh share!) and then another with the mother-in-law and Godma to Swatow (that's in China by the way) to visit some relatives and our ancestral home.

5) Mmmm... Everyone's been talking about the ISA arrest of the 27 radicalized foreign workers. I know it is scary that this has hit so close to home (actually it IS home wtf) but let's not start a social witch hunt against anyone based on nationality or skin color here (some of the comments I see online are srsly depressing)... many of them are just here to try and make a living, by building OUR homes, our schools, our hospitals so that we can have this city we live in.

6) My low carb diet has pretty much died over the whole Christmas/ New Year holidays (Hello, did you see the prawn NOODLES the hubs made the other day? Machiam opening hawker stall liddat wtf)) and hasn't been resurrected... maybe it's waiting for Easter wtf.

Marry someone who knows how to cook. Looks go away, but hunger doesn't. #truth

And truffle fries. With lots of freshly shaved parmesan cheese. So good but so bad but so good. :sob:

I have so much more to tell youuuuu (no wonder I was often called a chatterbox in primary school. The Pringles tagline was totally made for me - once you pop, you can't stop. I hope he wasn't thinking of his wife when he came up with that wtf) such as my obsession with this song (IT'S IN CHINESE!) and my root canal surgery part 2 (wahhh this dentist is EVEN hotter than the last) and my virgin chill-planting friend is now finally married! We have been friends since our secondary school days and totally roughed out all the girls-school/ boys-school drama and weathered through more than a decade of bad jokes and me losing to him at mahjong (but of course he claims otherwise - see that's what real friends do, they make each other out to be the better mahjong player lol.)


So bye folks, see you when I see you xxxxx

Love always!