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7 years ago / food / lifestyle

Hello Kitty agar agar and oreo cookies!

I’m SO excited about this post!!!

You may already know that I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan.. my toiletries bags/ coin pouch/ hair ties/ dental floss are all Hello Kitty.. I use HK toilet paper.. can’t go to the supermarket without coming home with some HK hand wash / candy / FAN or some other random thing.. even the boy proposed to me with Hello Kitty wtf.

So when Ethereal Chic told me they were sending some Hello Kitty goodies my way, I was super duper excited!



These are Hello kitty OREO POPS and can be personalised - perfect for parties, open houses, weddings, goodie bags etc!


This was the mockup they sent me… CUTE OR NOT you tell me lah!!!!

Shades & Cardi are from ClubCouture by the way :)

They use 100% real oreos (not some chiong brand) so you can be assured of the taste! The Hello Kitty motif on the cookies is made of icing and tastes pretty good together with the oreo!

Besides for these, Ethereal Chic also does chocolate chip cookies, jelly lollies and my ABSOLUTE favourite…

AGAR AGAR cake!!

Rainbow cake some more!!!

I don’t know about you… but as I get older, I find it increasingly hard to finish an entire cake when me and my friends celebrate our birthdays. This agar agar cake is perfect cause it’s not so jelak (“rich”) and my friends love it when we have it for dinner parties.

The cake also comes with a cartoon of your choice (but for me of course it HAS to be Hello Kitty.. and this one is of Fatbear & Me hehehe).

It looks super pretty when cut up cause of the rainbow cross section :)

Even if there’s no birthday coming up, I wouldn’t mind ordering this agar agar again because it’s really super duper yummy. One of the best (if not the best!) agar agars around and I think it makes a great light everyday dessert :)


Even my mother-in-law who’s not into sweet stuff and desserts loved it and couldn’t wait to finish it all! (The entire Go family was fighting for a piece of it lah!)

They have lots of exciting stuff other than Hello Kitty! I saw Disney princesses, Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, Strawberry Shortcake and of course FROZEN and many many others on their Facebook page!

The prices are very affordable too:

  • 1” edible image on chocolate chip cookies, $1 each, minimum 48pcs

  • 1.5” edible image on Oreo cookies, $1.50 each, minimum 24pcs

  • 2” edible image on chocolate chip cookies, $2 each, minimum 15pcs

  • 1.5” edible image on Oreo cookies (lollipops), $1.80 each, minimum 24pcs

  • 2” edible image on chocolate cupcakes, $70 for a box of 25pcs

  • 6” edible image on 7” agar agar cake, $45

  • 7” edible image on 8” agar agar cake, $55

  • Customized jellies are available at 60pcs for $25 with any orders of cookies.

This is inclusive of personalisations :)

*Mention FLORA ISABELLE to get 15% off!8

SURE to bring a smile to any kid’s face…

BIG KIDS included!

I saw cookies with Chanel, Prada, Hermes etc logos on their Facebook page too!

Can’t wait to try out more and share! :)

Ethereal Chic

Tel: +65 8118 2840