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Hello, World!

7 years ago / wedding / personal

First post on the new blog!

FINALLY, after weeks of long nights, carrying my Macbook with me 24-7 (you got see people bring laptop to wedding dinner before not?) and back-and-forth frustrating emails trying to articulate what I want (and you guys know how bad I am at art) vs. what was technically possible...


I've been wanting to switch for the longest time to a platform that allows bigger images since Tumblr kept compressing them to 500px (so now you can see my selfies in their full filtered glory lol)... and it's because I was really busy trying to get this up (and double blogging all the interim entries so that they could appear here and the old site which you guys were accessing previously with zero downtime), copying all my past entires over (and finding many photos in the process that never made it to this space) and living the life with a bunch of events that I swear, SUDDENLY all came at the same time... I apologise for the lack of quality posts.

But now that this space is up and running properly, I have SO MUCH I can't wait to share! My staycations, new restaurants, getting my long, long, long hair cut :sob: and travel adventures... I'm flying off this afternoon as we speak!

But for now, let me leave you with these pictures I found recently...

Catch up soon!