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The way we were

More pre-wedding photos!

Was clearing up my pictures cause my hard disk's almost out of space when I came across these photos from our pre-wedding shoot that I've yet to upload...#bestbloggerintheworld wtf. These pictures aren't as nice as those I've previously posted (which explains why I'm getting down to resizing them only now) but I'm uploading them anyway mostly cause I miss the boy :'( It's the first weekend since his departure and the PMS hormones are acting up lol.

Anyway, pictures by the talented friend and partner, Zachary Yong!

Looking at these pictures REALLY makes me hate how round my face used to be... these were taken before I discovered Botox for square jaw reduction for a slimmer face. Since doing it more than a year ago, I've never looked back at my decision!

I now get my regular Botox sessions every 3 to 6 months at Dr. Tyng Tan's!

See the difference!!

Uploading this picture only because the husband looks quite hamsum here.. a lot of hair :/

Random picture of a swan because the boy loves ducks and insisted we shoot this... but it's NOT EVEN A DUCK?

The only time he'll attempt to look at me in a loving manner.

But even so, also not say very loving, right?!

Behind the scenes.. my default grouchy face (under the sun!!!) and his default ah beng expression lol.

Photos by Zachary Yong // Shoes from ClubCouture // Dress from Silhouette The Atelier

There are more pictures of the boy's frontal shots than of me/ us because narcissistic me had already uploaded them previously haha.

To be honest, while I think the pictures are nice, they could have been a lot better if I weren't so camera shy back then (amazing how things have changed so drastically a year and a half later) and if my face wasn't so round lol. But I guess this gives us reason for another shoot - much to the boy's dismay hehehe.

Next up on the to-do list... work on uploading the actual wedding photos!