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A day in Hong Kong + 12 Things

3 years ago / travel / personal / hong kong

What's up with me these days!

(Wearing Muji, Superga)

Hi guys!

These pictures were taken during my last trip to Hong Kong where we started our day out at Central, boarded the iconic ding ding tram and ended the night at Lan Kwai Fong!

Anyway, I thought I would update about my life as usual but this time round with 12 things, the Amber Fillerup way. Omg I'm super in love with her lol. She takes #Momgoals to a whole new level!

  1. I can't believe we are 25 days to Christmas! This year has been such a crazy whirlwind (I know, I say that EVERY year) but really - getting pregnant, having a baby AND starting a new business?

  2. What's everyone doing for Christmas? We were supposed to head to London but work came along and I'm flying (finally!) the week before and after the holidays so we decided that it's best for Kai if I stay put.

  3. We are now toying with the idea of a staycation (maybe our annual Crowne Plaza retreat lol?) but with a baby now, the idea of packing the entire house along sounds like a logistical nightmare. Do people bring their steriliser along on staycations?

  4. I'm finally starting to shed the baby weight (thank goodness!) but I think it'll take me a while to get back in good shape. For now, I'm surviving with my shift dresses until I get down to freezing my fats at Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic with the chioest doctor on earth (for real!) Smith recently tried it out himself at my recommendation and he swears by it.

  5. I'm currently in a Blackball food phase! I eat it almost every day OMG.

  6. Also still in a Kiwi-Banana-Yakult smoothie phase.

  7. I'm still not done with my germaphobe behaviour. Though I'm washing my hands less now - down to 59 times (previously 60) daily.

  8. By the way, according to a friend of mine who's a researcher, there's no such thing as "germs". It's either viruses or bacteria.

  9. I'm very upset that Patrick J. Adams is leaving Suits. WHAT WOULD MY LIFE BE WITHOUT MIKE ROSS? (On the contrary, Meghan Markle's exit doesn't affect me at all lol.)

  10. I recently dyed my hair dark brown (with Elein from Artistry Hair Professional but am starting if I should change it up a little. Light grey or dark grey perhaps?

  11. I can't decide which series of travel posts I should work on next. Should I complete New York, or move on to Hong Kong? And there's still the Chiangmai series that I keep getting emails about. Oh, I also get A LOT of emails about Khao Yai. You guys really should check it out before it gets too crowded!

  12. Speaking about Thailand, I really really really miss khao soi. It's this Burmese-influenced noodle dish that is like the best Thai dish in my books. When I was in Tokyo in June, we came across this Thai restaurant that served the dish which is why I decided to have dinner there... but guess what? They ran out of it :sob: And yes, Thai food in Japan is always good. Mexican food in Japan is also good. Indian food in Japan is great. Chinese food in Japan is the best. Basically, everything's better in Japan lol.