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How Much Does It Cost to Live Near the Top Primary Schools in Singapore?

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Living Near to Top Primary Schools in Singapore


Locals would know how competitive living in Singapore can be, especially for parents. Like other parents, they always want the best for their children in terms of education. Sending in children to the top and popular schools are major concerns for every Singaporean parent. The only best option is to stay at a house located nearby to the school. Ever since the government has standardised the priority system, many parents are willing to spend more money on the property for their children.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) introduced the seven-phase allocation system for students to register in schools. This was established to control the increasing number of students who are trying to get into the same school. The first three phases, 1, 2A(1) and 2A(2) are meant to give priority for students who are linked with schools such as children with siblings currently studying in the school, children whose parents and siblings are school alumni, parents who are a part of the school management boards and parents who are a teacher at the school.

As for the distance between one’s house and school falls under the next phases which are 2B and 2C. The proximity has to be at most 2km; the shorter the distance, the bigger the chances. However, if it happens to be too many children living within the same radius, the only major downside is balloting to secure a spot in the school. Staying in a rental house is also applicable to this phase, so it is not necessary for parents to own a house.

Top 4 Singapore’s Primary Schools and Nearby Property Values

Nanyang Primary School

Located at Bukit Timah, Nanyang Primary School tops the ranking as the best primary school in Singapore. The school’s area is also surrounded by other elite schools namely Nanyang Girls’ High School, Methodist Girls’ School, Chinese High School, Hwa Chong Institute and National Junior College.

Big landed houses and condos with minimal units are based here in Bukit Timah. As expected from the location, the pricing skyrocketed since the school is situated within the proximity. The cheapest property is 2 Queen’s Road, valued at $568,868 / $581 psf and the most expensive is King’s 8, priced at 7.8 million / $1,965 psf. Residential properties like 6 Farrer Road, The Asana and One Duchess are other available options.

Tao Nan School

Tao Nan School is located at Marien Crescent, a school that incorporated the Chinese culture ranked as one of the best schools in the area. Besides school, what is built within the distance of this school also affects the expensive pricing of houses. Some of the major landmarks nearby are Marine Parade, Katong and East Coast Park.

The properties you can find here are 61 Marine Drive, 45 Marine Crescent, 448 @ East Coast Road and Kelly Villas. Expect to see the price falls between $552,000 / $589 psf and $3.9 million / $1,560 psf.

Ai Tong School

Ai Tong School is where you can see a number of Housing & Development Board (HDB) properties stood here. The school is situated at 100 Bring Hill Drive, just nearby to Bishan Junction 8 and AMK Hub.

Some of the properties near to this school are 406 Sin Ming Avenue, The Gardens at Bishan and Fulton Hill. They are priced between $552,000 / $589 psf and $3.9 million / $1,560 psf.

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Maha Bodhi School

Widely known as Buddhist school, Maha Bodhi School is located in Ubi area. Although there are not many prominent landmarks here, due to its stance as a top school, residential houses are valued at expensive prices.

You can find residential places like 341 Ubi Avenue 1, Euhabitat and Lorong Marzuki just nearby this school. The properties are ranged from $368.000 / $407 psf to $5.58 million / $2,232 psf.

Be reminded that the stated prices may differ according to the current market. There are many other residential properties expensively priced because of its close proximity to major top schools. If you are credited with the aforementioned first three phases, you have higher possibilities to win your children to the top schools, it depends entirely on how the phase works on your side.