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Your house party was a huge success. You made merry and everyone had a wonderful time. After everyone went home, you slumped into your bed tired- but in a good way- and instantly fell asleep. Every host dreads waking up the following morning after a party not because of stinging hangovers, but because of the mess that awaits them. The mountain of dirty dishes in the sink gets you wishing you had just gone to a restaurant. There is also the lingering fear of what you will find in the other rooms, especially if alcohol was involved. The worst part is that you sometimes have to face the mess alone as the merry makers will have gone home.



Cleaning around the house doesn’t have to be a daunting task though. These tips will help you make light work of after-party cleanup;

Prepare for the cleaning beforehand

As you make purchases for the party, remember to also shop for items you’ll need for cleaning after the party. Have a stock of cleaning creams, detergents and stain removers well ready for the morning after. It might also help to get extra waste bags or bins. You can check Garbage Disposal Reviews for what you might need for your cleaning.

If there are rooms, such as your bedroom, that you wish to be off-limits to your guests, lock them up before the first guest arrives. Remember to also keep away any valuable items that might accidentally get damaged.

Strategically place towels in locations your guests can easily reach for them in case of food or drink spills.

Look for the hungover individuals

Even if your party is a no-alcohol event, there will always be someone sneaking in a bottle of their favorite whisky. Before you start you cleaning, check around the house to make sure no one’s blacked out under your chimney or in the toilet. If they are a stranger, don’t feel guilty about shooing them out. If they are a friend or family, taking them elsewhere more comfortable and unlikely to interfere with your cleaning is a better decision. The last thing you want is someone waking up from their hangover and throwing up on the floor you just cleaned!

Ask for help

You don’t have to clean it all alone if you can get help. If there’s a friendly neighbour who wants to spend a lazy day helping you tidy up, why not? Ask your kids to help out too. It is however prudential to restrict the kids’ help to rooms they are less likely to bump into scandalous items from the party. If the stains on the carpet are proving to be too stubborn, why not call professional cleaners?

Clean room by room

Getting organised is the key to having a hassle-free cleanup exercise. Moving around from room to room doing one task at a time won’t help much. Focus your energy on one room and clean everything in it that needs cleaning before moving on to the next room. The kitchen is always a good place to start as you just have the dishes and leftover food to deal with most of the time. If you have pans or plates that have residue stuck on them you can soak them in warm soapy water to soften as you clean other areas of the kitchen.

After you are through with the kitchen, you can move to the living and dining rooms before cleaning the guest rooms. Always clean the bathroom last as it may require more energy and time.
Having a waste bin in the room you’re cleaning helps than taking out trash one by one.