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How to Get a Good Night's Sleep During Pregnancy

3 years ago / Hidden

Sleepless nights are a part of motherhood, however, what most people don't know is that this starts way before the baby even arrives. A growing belly, fluctuating hormones, cramps, nausea all are some conditions that tend to keep the new mommy-to-be up all night. As the pregnancy progresses the discomfort and sleeplessness also increase. So how to get some good long hours of uninterrupted sleep in this crucial time? Take heart and read on these tips that are sure to give you back some of those blissful hours.

1. Finding the Perfect Sleeping Position

With a protruding belly, it can be hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in. While you might seem to play along in the beginning, be prepared for the third trimester where the only position that you can lay down is on your sides. In addition to this, your spine takes the beating all day, therefore by night time, your sciatic nerve goes haywire which in turn causes back aches.

So how to sleep? Simple. Get the load off your back. Wrap yourself around those full body pregnancy pillows and find the comfort you had been missing. Even if you can't seem to get them, just take in plenty of cushions and support your back, tuck one in between your legs, support your baby bump and reduce the strain on your muscles. That ought to make you feel lot more comfortable and cuddly. If you are a stomach sleeper, you can use a dedicated pillow for pregnant stomach sleepers that will help you rest your belly comfortably.

2. Eating the Right Diet

As per your diet is concerned, there are two things that affect the sleep pattern- Number one, anything that would disrupt your natural sleep pattern, caffeine for instance, and number two, anything that can induce a heartburn. While ditching the caffeine 6 hours before bed time can significantly impact your quality of sleep, you need to keep your food portion in check too. If you eat large portions right before bed, be prepared for the acid to burn your throat.

As your baby grows, your stomach tends to get pushed and therefore acid reflux becomes a norm. The best way to keep this pain away is by eating smaller, milder meals before bed time. Eating a well balanced diet would not only help you sleep more soundly, but will add on to both you and your baby's health.

3. Working out a Proper Bedtime Routine

While everyone has their daily life routine sorted out, for mothers-to-be its vital that they understand the concept of bedtime routine. Due to rapid bodily changes and hormonal fluctuations, its normal for pregnant women to feel anxious, especially as the pregnancy goes on. The best way to beat this extra stress is by working out a routine that would buffer out the unnecessary anxiety and soothe you.

The human body needs 30 minutes to relax and prep for sleep. Mums-to-be should take this time to self-pamper by indulging in warm shower, foot massages, adding in scents to your room, reading and just slipping into the notion of comfort. The more you self-care, the more you will feel relaxed and sleep better.

4. Physical Movements Throughout the Day

The more active you are during the day, the more it will help you. Contrary to popular belief that pregnant women should always rest, light exercises and yoga can actually help you more than just doing nothing. It maintains the muscles strength, saves you from extra cramps and also helps you sleep more contently. With more movement, oxygen level in your body increases which is good for the baby too. However, make sure to exercise in the morning, rather than working out 4 hours before bed time. It tends to disturb the body's natural sleep rhythm.

At the end of the day, understand that this is just a part of the beautiful journey and you will surely cherish it even more.