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How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Proposal

10 years ago / Hidden

Before you even get to the nuptials, there’s the proposal to plan. To sweep her off her feet – sometimes quite literally – it’s necessary to deliver on a perfect wedding proposal. Bear in mind though, a wedding proposal shouldn’t come as a complete surprise to her or you’ll risk getting a ‘no’.

How do you plan just the right wedding proposal? Let’s look at a few of the more important things to remember, so you’ll get to live happily ever after.

Getting the Right Engagement Ring

When it comes to engagement rings, it must be one she’ll love. That doesn’t necessarily mean it should have a huge number of carats either.

Understand the type of woman that you’re with. Does she like artistic things? Is she one for a classic engagement ring or does she prefer more flare and flamboyance? Knowing her well enough to pick out the perfect engagement ring like those offered at Orocal can make or break any proposal. After all, your new fiancée wants to be able to show off her ring to friends, family, co-workers and complete strangers too!

Picking the Best Spot to Propose

The time and place must be right. If she cannot hear your words over the din of nearby noise, then the proposal will fall flat.

Spend time researching the right place to propose. Consider how peaceful or beautiful it is. Maybe she has a place that she finds solace in, or enjoys the local beauty of that location. The time of day and the weather also matter as no one wants high winds and rainfall to dampen the mood.
Also, visit the place to check how it looks at the time of day you’re thinking about. There could be something going on nearby that rules it out, like construction that wasn’t there the last time you visited it, or it could be closed for renovations.

Who’s Watching?

A proposal is traditionally just the two of you with perhaps some onlookers who figure out what is happening. However, if she’s especially close to her family or girlfriends, then they may enjoy being on the sidelines to cheer on the newly engaged couple on after she’s said “yes”.

Of course, you must be certain that she’ll approve of the audience and that they can keep quiet before your planned engagement day. Ideally, she will have dropped plenty of hints about the future, so you’ll both know the ring will slide on her finger at the right time.

Record the Special Moment

It all happens so fast that she probably won’t remember it. Also, you’ll be nervous too. In which case, it’s a good idea to ask a friend or hire a professional photographer to take snaps or record video for you. It’s better to hire a professional if they’ll be taking photos with a zoom lens from a discrete distance, because a friend might not own a good enough camera.

Planning the perfect wedding proposal should be fun. It will be a happy day and by putting some effort in ahead of time, you can ensure that it’ll go as expected.