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How to Prepare for a Summer Party

5 years ago / Hidden

Summer is the perfect time to gather your nearest and dearest and have fun in the fresh air and warm sunshine. After all, it can feel like the hot, sunny months take a long time to arrive and pass us by in a matter of moments. This summer, why not take the time to prepare an amazing summer party, for all your friends, family, even the kids, and make fun and exciting memories you’ll hold close for years to come. However, before you sit back, relax, and dance the night away at your summer event, there are some vital preparation steps to take. These include who you’re going to invite, how you’ll invite them, any décor needs, and finally what delicious food and drink you’ll serve. Take a look below for some handy inspiration.


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Are you hosting the party to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or an engagement party, or are you simply wanting a good time? If you are hosting the event to spend precious time with your family and friends, it’s time to decide who to invite. While you may want to invite your extended family, your friends, their friends, and their kids, you may need to decide whether the party will be family-friendly. For example, if you want to host a late-night bash and serve exciting cocktails, it may not be suitable for your young relatives who will need to be in bed early. When you decide who to invite, you need to decide how to invite them. Handwritten notes may feel old-fashioned in contrast to emails, but they can make the invitee feel extra special.

Food & Drink

Any good host knows they need to serve a variety of delicious dishes to their guests to ensure their bellies are full and they have a smile on their face. What you serve, however, can feel like an impossible task. It’s vital to take into consideration any food allergies, intolerances, or whether guests are vegetarian or vegan. The type of party you are hosting may help decide upon your food choices. If the party is a more formal affair, a tasty main course such as Hellmans parmesan chicken is sure to go down well. If you are hoping to spend time outside in the glorious sunshine, a classic summer BBQ may be the way forward. This way you can serve favorites such as burgers and hot dogs without having to spend time in the kitchen.

The drink is also an important factor to consider. Will you be serving alcohol? If so, are your guests more beer connoisseurs, or do they prefer a fun cocktail? If you are serving alcohol, always provide soft drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails for those who choose to drive or don’t drink alcohol.


While not all parties need a theme, they will need some form of décor. It could include pretty outdoor lighting to enjoy the party when the sun goes down, or it could include elaborate glasses to serve your homemade cocktails in, whatever décor choices you make, it’s sure to brighten up your space and make your home even more welcoming.