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How to select a suitable Ice Climbing harness for yourself?

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Ice climbing is definitely one of the most adventurous and exciting activity to follow. Some people of the elite and VIP club always enjoy adventurous and daring activities like Rock Climbing, water surfing etc. They often think that ice climbing would be a good step forward from Rock Climbing.
However you need to understand that each and every sport or adventurous activity is unique in itself. It has got certain specific requirements, which needs to be fulfilled in order to have a successful stint. This simply means that even if you expertise in a certain activity that has got lot of resemblance with another, you would still need to understand the basic fundamentals of the new activity, which you are trying to attempt, so that you can minimize chances of errors or misfortunes in it and at the same time enjoy and make the most out of it.


Although Ice climbing is an exciting and fabulous sport, yet it involves its own share of risks. That being said, it is natural for an adventurous activity to have certain amount of risk factor involved in it. This risk factor actually increases its excitement and it is, in fact, the essence of that sport or activity!

However, as we perform an activity to enjoy it, the risk element needs to be taken in a very calculated way. When it comes to Ice climbing, calculated risk involves proper planning and arrangements of the right equipments. If you are geared up with the right equipments of ice climbing and are guided suitably during the process, you would be able to thoroughly enjoy the adventures of ice climbing and make the most out of this experience. This ice climbing guide has been written to serve the same purpose.

An Introduction to the world of Ice Climbing!

Ice Climbing is one of the most adventurous and exciting sport. In order to enjoy this sport or activity to the maximum, it is necessary to be fully equipped beforehand. There are some specific equipment requirements that are necessary for ice climbing. These equipments will ensure that you perform this adventurous but yet, risky activity, with full preparation and minimum risk. In this article, we will advise you on how to select suitable ice climbing harness for yourself.

What exactly is an Ice Climbing Harness?

Structure wise, an ice climbing harness is simply a loop of ropes or nylon, that can even be made by yourself, if you understand its basic concept and you are OK with simple calculations and Maths. However, if you do not have an idea about what is being spoken here, then it would be better not to risk your life with experiments and instead buy a quality branded ice climbing harness for yourself!

What is the purpose of an Ice Climbing Harness?

Ice Climbing is challenging activity that requires lots of physical effort. If you are planning a long goal for it, then it is quite possible that you would have to take rest at regular intervals of time. As there will be no rest rooms available in the mid way, the best that you would be able to do during your rest stint is to hang along with yourself with ice and drop-down-dead-cold-weather being your ambience! To serve this purpose better, a little more padding would be helpful for obvious reasons. Therefore, you would require an ice climbing harness.

Earlier, Ice Climbing harness manufacturers were more interested in adding padding in it but they gradually realized that most of the climbers are already heavily loaded with anti cold clothing which act as a source of padding by default. Therefore, now manufacturers are trying to minimize the padding and they are instead concentrating on adding more accessories and attachments to Ice climbing harness, thus making them more purposeful for the Ice Climbers.

What features you should look out in an Ice Climbing Harness?

As explained earlier, contemporary ice climbing harnesses are less padded. However, you should select heavily or scarcely padded harnesses depending on your own preferences. There are some specifically designed harnesses for women ice climbers that are mostly more padded then standard ones. Depending on their shape, size, quality and brand, an ice climbing harness could cost anywhere from 50 to a few hundred dollars.

Some of the features which you should look out in an ice climbing harness are - its weight, attachments/slots available and finally, the comfort level. As ice climbing is a physical exhausting activity, it would be best for you to carry as less resources and equipments as possible and therefore the lighter a harness is, the better it would be for you.

Do look out for the attachments or slots available in a harness. Most of the harness have slots for ice clippers, ice screws and ice gears. Do check out if the loops or slots works practically for you and you are able to use them comfortably. For example you would require ice clippers and screws frequently during climbing and it would be better if the slots provided for them in the harness are easily reachable during the ice climbing. Similarly, do take out some time to check out all the other slots and ensure that they can be reached and used comfortably while ice climbing.

An important point that you need to understand is that there is a difference between ice climbing harness and Rock climbing or trekking harness. As rock climbers are not heavily clothed as ice climbers, it would make perfect sense for them to have more padding in their harnesses. But as an ice climber, you would have enough clothes to cover and protect yourself from the ice and cold weather and therefore, minimum padding would not only be practical for you and hence light weighted harnesses with minimum padding are going to be more suitable for you.

Final words of wisdom!

Finally, do check out for the comfort level. This is something that you have to do it by yourself as nobody else can determine your level of comfort with a particular hardness. So simply try out one harness after the other and check out which one suits you most. In this way you would be able to select a suitable ice climbing harness for yourself.