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How to Start a Successful Online Personal Brand

6 years ago / Hidden

The influencer market is huge, and it is only set to get bigger. Rather than be intimidated by this fact, take it for the opportunity that it is. Right now, the influencer industry is rather untamed, meaning that brands can partner with people and not see a good ROI on their investments. That is why passionate brand ambassadors who work within a niche and bring up their organic engagement are so important. Once you have created this successful personal brand, you can do anything. Start your own e-commerce store, become a journalist, get hired at your dream job – never underestimate the power that comes with opening and operating a personal brand that people listen to and engage with. First, however, you need to start, and to start you need to follow these easy steps:



Choose a Niche You Are Passionate About

Regardless of whether you are a blogger or a business, niches are the way to go in order to achieve success and fast. You can always build up and expand as you go, but by catering initially to a niche, you can attract more users than you thought possible.

Invest in Great Equipment

One of the more frustrating aspects about starting and managing your own personal brand as an influencer is that you need to provide a professional product. What this means is that you will likely need to invest in yourself before you take off enough to become the hit that brands are looking for. A DSLR, professional editing equipment, professional lighting, website design, and more will need to be considered. All this can add up, and if you are serious about it, then you will likely need to take out a personal loan. If you have a good credit score, then start first by reading these reviews of Upstart personal loans. The more research you do to find the ideal loan for you, the easier and simpler your brand’s start can be.

Start Your Website and Social Profiles

Don’t lock yourself into a web design that you cannot customise or control. Starting hosting plans can be as little as $10 or less a month, and you will have the ability to improve your web design and its capabilities in the future for a much more affordable rate than otherwise. The more consistently you produce great quality pieces, the more your engagement and search engine ranking will improve. Combine this with a strong social media campaign, and you will have a winning combination.

Become Integrated in That Niche

The next step is to become integrated into that niche. Follow people online. Go to events and festivals, make friends. The more people you know who are in that niche, the better, because you can then meet their friends and become introduced to their followers, and so on. Doing this will also help you become an authority within that niche, giving you more power and engagement that will be attractive to brands in the future.

Being your own brand is a full-time job. It will also require you to still hold down another full-time job in order to keep yourself afloat. That is why you need to choose a niche you are passionate about because then your brand isn’t a business, it’s your way of life.