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How to Turn Your Personal Blog into a Business?

3 years ago / Hidden

Today’s world is based on technology and technology allows people to come up with new business ideas. This is how passions can also be transformed into businesses which enable people to have a steady income by doing what they like.


One of the best business ideas which has become quite popular these days is the creation of all sorts of blogs through which the owners earn money. Whether they use them to advertise various products or to sell handcraft goods, blogs are can be used in many ways, especially since through them it is easier to for people all over the world to connect.

Those who want to own a blog or want to create one with the purpose of turning them into business projects should know that these come with several legal requirements which will be explained below.

A blog can work just like a business

For a few years now, the world has seen an explosion of personal blogs which later became legitimate businesses. From fashion to parenting or consulting to more specialized ones, such as those related to the IT world, blogs can be explored in many ways from a business perspective. They also represent a good source of money. However, when it comes to making money from a blog, the legal and accounting regulations must be taken into account.

This means the owner of the blog will need to register a company, just like in the case of any other type of business, and only then start monetizing on it. Luckily, there are many countries which offer simple structures perfect for blog business owners. Among these, countries in Asia, such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, while in Europe, countries such as Estonia and Ireland are renowned for the incentives they offer to small enterprisers.

Those who want to set up a business in Singapore, for example, can use the sole proprietorship or the limited liability company in order to explore their blogging business at the maximum.

How does the blog become a business?

In order to make it work, an entrepreneur will need the blog which implies a registered domain name and then he or she must register a company with the Commercial Register in the country where the business will operate.

The registration of the business will follow the exact same steps as for any other type of business, which will also mean obtaining identification and VAT numbers in order to pay taxes. Because yes, any type of business which generates incomes must pay taxes on those profits. Opening a company in Hong Kong, for instance, could prove very advantageous from a taxation point of view.

The good part in turning a personal blog into a small business, most of the times, is that there is no need for any additional business license.

Blog owners are considered small investors nowadays; however, it is possible for a personal blog to turn into a huge profitable business when it reaches maturity, or it simply is innovative enough to attract many followers or readers who later turn into clients. This is the main reason to choose and register the blog as a business instead of keeping it at the stage of a simple blog.