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Conversations with the boy - the language edition.

Wearing Warehouse at Clarke Quay

A little background;

Me - Somewhat bilingual. I know all my cheng yus and tang shi 300 shou - Higher Chinese kid here okay. I have some grasp of Chinese history, am familiar with Chinese literature and have read Sun Tzu's Art of War in the original Chinese text. BUT to say that I don't know much about Chinese pop culture is a severe understatement... I don't watch any TV, don't listen to Chinese songs - in fact, when I caught the popular Taiwanese film Our Times recently, I had to ask, "Andy Lau REALLY is a famous singer, right?" wtf.

The hubs - Typical SJI boy. Hates Chinese. Cannot speak Mandarin to save his life even when ordering food. Never mind that his Aunt is an awesome Chinese teacher - I would know because she was my primary school Chinese teacher as I eventually discovered during the tea ceremony at my wedding. * sings It's a smallllll worlddddd after all *

So imagine my surprise in the car this evening when he suddenly told me,

Garry: I feel like listening to Chinese songs.

Me: Wtf? Like 三轮车跑得快?

Don't judge - it's one of the few Chinese songs that I can actually say I know the entire thing.

Garry: Wtf no. Like real proper songs that I can sing when I KTV with my friends.

I seriously don't know what is he talking about? 1) 三轮车跑得快 sounds like a very real and proper song to me and 2) Who says you can't sing it at the KTV?!

So anyway, thanks to Google and the great guys at Mothership, I found these 16 songs that define the Chinese KTV experience in Singapore and honestly ah, every single one of these songs all sound damn desolate and painful - what broken heart ah, unrequited love lah - it makes me want to stab myself a million times over... with a blunt pencil and slowly bleed to death.

This then begets the question...

Do people only go to the KTV (obviously I don't go since I don't know a single Chinese song right) because they are like, super miserable with their love lives?!