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5 years ago / married life / working girl

The Speak Mandarin Campaign continues in the Go household

Remember a couple of months ago I spoke about improving the level of Mandarin in this household? Well, we know how that turned out...

In fact, when we had to do a press con recently AS A COUPLE (more on that in a bit), I had to continually reassure him,

"Chinese media will also be there. BUT IT IS OK. You don't need to talk. I will do all the talking. You just smile and look like my happy husband ok? LOOK LIKE YOU'RE HAPPILY MARRIED TO ME OK? Thanks."



I'm not sure if these constitute as being "happily married to me" but ok lah, at least he attempted to smile.


Which also explains why I'll be on Chinese radio doing the interview solo tomorrow morning.

So now that we have established that he is extremely adverse (huge understatement here, guys) to Mandarin, imagine my surprise when I came home one fine Saturday....


Ok, let me zoom in for you...

Him, reading a Chinese book AND get this, with an English-Chinese translator to figure out every other word.

On average it takes him about 20 minutes to complete a page.

And no, this isn't some sick idea of "bedroom activities" I have in mind wtf.

Who would have thought that after 31 years of painful Chinese tuition lessons and failed Huayu Cool attempts both by the Singapore and domestic governments... all it takes is some Wu Xia story to get him to ENJOY Mandarin wtf. 斗破苍穹, to be exact.

(Anyway our wedding anniversary is coming right up - I've been leaving all these Tiffany ads lying around the house hoping HE GETS IT - and like a good wife, I think I'm gonna translate the entire book to English for him as his anniversary present. And also because I'm pretending NOT to notice all the fishing equipment ads HE has been leaving around....)

(By the way, we were not just in the Chinese papers. Also all over the English press, Malay papers and I think I'll need to check Tamil Murasu too... I will get down to talking about it. SOON, I promise!)