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I Heart Jakarta

8 years ago / clubcouture / travel / indonesia / jakarta

Jakarta in 48 hours!

For the record, I love Jakarta.

It’s really strange how life works. I had to fly there for Jakarta Fashion Week and having never been to the city, I had no idea what to expect… I asked a friend if the city is worth extending my stay and she replied “Hell, no!”

So I left Singapore with very little expectations - all I wanted was a comfortable enough bed to rest in, and the earliest flight out.

But I ended up falling in love with the city. The food was SO good, people were incredibly friendly and service was top notch. I’ve never felt so welcomed in a foreign land with such amazing hospitality from the locals.

And the hotel really surprised me! With the fresh floral scent everywhere and the impeccable hospitality, ambiance, location and room size - I almost didn’t want to leave.

The party scene was pretty awesome and the streets felt relatively safe - definitely way safer than KL. I think it makes quite a good destination for quick weekend getaways :)

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and can’t wait to be back! <3



I always take a picture of my plane in the sky because frankly, there’s nothing much to do and i love how no two pictures can ever be exactly the same :)



Then I uh, take pictures of my nails lol. After almost a decade of monthly manicures, this is my favourite to date.



And then a bunch of selfies haha.

1.5 hours later, I landed at Soekarno-Hatta airport!

To be honest, my first impression of the city wasn’t that great because the airport wasn’t fantastic looking and nobody spoke English.

But it turns out that my worries were dumbfounded because you can get around speaking only English.

It’s actually fine for me because I speak fluent Bahasa. My advice?People are generally much friendlier when you converse in Bahasa :)


Then I arrived at the hotel and I was blown away.

I was put up at Hotel Mulia, Senayan and I was expecting something really basic.



This is certainly not basic. And this is only 30% of the hotel lobby!

As it turns out, it was a luxurious up-market hotel and I felt really blessed because it’s wayyyy better than what I had in mind.





Some of the pretty blooms all around the hotel.




Checked in.

I got this picture off the Internet because my iPhone and my lousy photography skills couldn’t capture the room better. But trust me that it looks exactly like that.

The bed was possibly the highest, plushest and comfiest I’ve ever slept in. Really very thankful for what life brings.



The Duck King.

Best Peking duck I’ve had in my life, seriously. Even better than Imperial Treasure Super Duck back here in Singapore. I’m realllyyyy looking forward to the upcoming Surabaya getaway next week with Fiona & Bryant because I can eat this again!!




I loveeeee froyo and this was insanely good! Pinkalicious + Taro mint (can you see it’s half pink and half purple?) topped with peach cubes and choco chips. I know the flavours sound really funky - I thought so too, until the counter guy convinced me to try it - but it was the yummiest froyo I’ve had in a while! It had the right balance between tangy and sweet. Will definitely eat this again in a heartbeat.





Jakarta Fashion Week - the real reason behind the trip. Will do a more thorough blog post about this next.



View from the top!



The little things :)



Trying out red lipstick.

The hair was a second day blowout and I was surprised it still looked pretty fresh. I think this was the best blowout I’ve had in my life because I still had decent curls 40 hours later (I know it sounds quite gross that I lasted so long without washing my hair :p ).

I got it done at Yen’s Hair at Holland Village the night before I flew and I think I’m going to stay with them forever and ever.

By the way, every single woman I saw in Jakarta had perfect salon blown hair. o.O



J CO has the best cream filled donuts!

But Krispy Kreme does the best original glazed which I also had! :p No need to queue!



Hair 40 hours later ;)

Blouse from ClubCouture.

And then it was back to the airport.

I did not encounter any traffic jam during my stay there. Maybe I was really lucky or maybe cause my hotel was in a good location? I’m not sure but it took me under 30 minutes to get to the airport.

To me, Senayan is generally a great area to put up at. That’s also where the city’s upscale malls (Plaza Senayan and Senayan City) are located.

I highly recommend Hotel Mulia and that’s definitely where I’ll be staying at the next time I visit Jakarta.

Hotel Mulia Senayan
Jakarta, Central Jakarta City
Jakarta Pusat 10270 Indonesia
Phone:+62 21 5747777