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I want to go to Malaysia!

5 years ago / travel

Dying for a castaway vacay!

I know, I know... I have been travelling A LOT lately but they have all mostly for work and the irony is that the more I do these work travels, the MORE I feel like I NEED a getaway very desperately.

Was just telling the hubs that we should just head to Malaysia because 1) I'm terribly tired of taking planes... it is really not as easy as it sounds. Recently I had to go to KL for work so we think it's a 45 min flights only but truth is, we have to be at the airport 2 hours before + the 45 min flight + because KLIA is so far from the city centre it takes another hour or so to get to KLCC so it's a grand total of 4 hours! I might as well drive up since it'll take us like 3 hours tops?

And 2) Malaysia actually has many, many, MANY gorgeous getaways that can easily rival that of Phuket and the likes. And probably better in some ways as compared to the more popular beach destinations because you don't have to deal with the crowd?

If the boy has some time to kill, I will definitely want to head to Malacca - omggg the foooodddddd!!!!

Alternatively, I most definitely want a..

And my top pick will definitely be Port Dickson!

I was last there in 2014 for our wedding anniversary and it was SUCH a good trip!

I can already almost hear the crashing of the waves and smell the salty air...

And omg, taste the creamy butter crabs!!!!

I am also thinking about checking out the new Lexis Hibiscus that everyone had been talking about!

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