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The Living Room

6 years ago / family / ikea

Part 2 of my IKEA series!

My relationship with my family (or rather, the husband's family) is something that I hold very close to me. You know how we often hear those "horror stories" about scary mother-in-laws from hell? I'm super thankful that I married into a family who really looks after me and dote on me like I'm their daughter.

Like my mother-in-law will make me birds' nest for breakfast when she sees that I've been "working very hard" and text me every night to ask if I'm coming home for dinner and that there's barley in the fridge.


And my father-in-law... helps me with my IKEA assignments. Haha.


That's him at the back working on this month's project.

(The hubs and I plan to move back to our own place when we eventually have kids since we both travel so often, it really doesn't make much sense to live alone. And I literally mean me living ALONE cause of his frequent detachments and you guys know how TERRIFIED I'm of the supernatural...)

Anyway, when IKEA gave us the brief for this month's assignment to do up our living room to showcase our family's personalities in our living space, I thought what better way to do it than to showcase the very people living in this house!

And so, we decided to transform this blank wall:


We had so much fun going through photos and reliving memories... like the Mt Fuji photo of the husband who refused to kiss me (this photo is going back to my bedroom and we're gonna replace it with a full family photo when we do the proper studio shots next month) and of course my beloved 3 dogs. (All shelties by the way!)

This photo wall feature was EXTREMELY easy to do up thanks to the extensive range of sleek frames available at IKEA (at pocket friendly prices!):

In fact when you head down to the stores, you'll see many frames up on the walls where you can get inspiration as to how you'd want to layout your pictures!

A little tip: Most of our photos corresponded to the standard 5R, 6R and 12R sizes. The biggest one had to be custom printed but all photo-printing shops should be able to do it!

But if you're really lazy, then you might want to know that IKEA's Ready to Hang range looks pretty amazing too.

I ended up picking a couple to hang in our bathrooms and staircase landings!

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