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Building my dream home with IKEA

6 years ago / married life / ikea

My newest collaboration with IKEA plus house tour sneak peeks!

Even though we have moved into our new place for more than a year, I've never really wrote about it except for the occasional #bartleyadventures posts on Instagram and my house tour post has been left pending for the LONGEST time... simply because the house isn't done up yet haha. I still have sooo many boxes left unpacked in the attic :sweat_smile:

You know how some little girls dream of getting married, and some dream of getting a place of their own. Then there are some that well, pray for a fairy godmother who can magically turn their house from a pumpkin to a castle? That's me.

And that fairy godmother happens to go by the name IKEA. Hahaha.

I've been procrastinating about getting my house "done up properly" cause it seems like SUCH a daunting task (you guys know how bad I am with art & craft right?!) So when Ikea Singapore contacted me for a 4 month collaboration, I was ECSTATIC - Not only am I finally going to get my house in order, it's going to be in partnership with my favorite furniture brand! (I'm not saying this cause I'm sponsored ok. Before this program, I already practically bought everything in my house from IKEA.)

And so bit by bit, I'm going to transform my house to be super Pinterest-worthy (with the help of my trusty home decor bible, the IKEA Catalogue) and you guys can also get sneaks of my home tour too!

Let's go!

So this month's theme is Bringing the Outdoors In.

You know how we live in urban Singapore and we don't get enough greenery IN the house?

While searching for inspiration on this month's project at IKEA's website, I realized that the most gorgeous kitchens..

... all have some plants in them! I think it helps to create aesthetic balance and a sense of calmness and it's really not difficult to do so! You can try simple things like growing your own herbs in the kitchen or adding some floral arrangements on the countertops.

And so, here's my kitchen makeover!


Presenting to you my messy kitchen. The UDDEN Kitchen trolley against the wall is from IKEA! (Told you I'm a fan!)

We have this ugly blank wall in my outdoor kitchen that I never knew what to do with it.

And since the husband LOVES growing his own herbs (basil, parsley, pandan leaves), we decided to do up a mini herb garden right here on this wall for easy access when cooking!

(When he cooks lah, not me hahaha).



Another look again, this time round with the cutest dog in the world hehe.

Here's how you can build your own herb garden effortlessly with IKEA:

  • A couple of rails depending on your desired length

  • GRUNDTAL Cutlery stand to hold your pots

  • We also used the GRUNDTAL shelf on the lower tier to hold two or three flower pots

  • A couple of S hooks to hang our frying pans and cooking pots (perfect for air drying them in a tidy manner!)

  • You can get your herbs and flowers from nurseries BUT IKEA sells them too! (Yes, fresh plants!) I saw basil, rosemary and even pandan/ screwpine leaves too.

  • Throw in a bigger potted plant in the corner and you're set! If you're lazy like me, you can get amazingly real artificial plants from IKEA so you don't have to worry about them dying on you haha.

And there you have it! Your very own kitchen herb garden.

Pinterest worthy not???

I can't wait for project #2!

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