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Make an #IMPCT

6 years ago

Making a difference to the children of the world!


If you know me from like years ago, you'd know that I used to teach (haha the idea of me being a cher) and education is one of those things that I really feel strongly about. Children should never be robbed of an education. :angry:

My dear friend Ann from Ann Snaps reached out to me recently about a school she's building (like for real!!)

Her project, IMPCT, is currently raising money to build their very first school in El Salvador. The school will provide proper education to kids younger than 6 years old and the goal is to open more schools across the world in urban slums including the Philippines and anyone from anywhere can get be part of this. Here you can make a donation starting from $1 and co-own a school.


They also came up with this social media campaign to let you guys get involved, be creative and make an #IMPCT to the world + win some amazing prizes.

Simply create an image that shows the hashtag #IMPCT. It could be a selfie, an artwork, anything that you want as long as it shows the hashtag #IMPCT. You have the freedom to put together and express what making an impact means to you. You can choose to post it on either Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or better still, all! Additionally, if you refer your friends to join, and one of you guys win, then both of you will get a prize plus the person who shares it the most will also get a bonus gift from us! Of course, if you could donate then that would be greatly appreciated!

Prizes include a Herschel backpack or a Longchamp tote plus many more goodies for the runners up.

Here's my take!


And here's Ann's amaaaazing shots:


So go on, get creative and let's make a difference to the world <3