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5 years ago / personal

Is it all just a dream?

I have been having some of the weirdest dreams lately. Running through forests, slaying werewolves, swimming across the Atlantic ocean... been there, done that.

But nothing - absolutely nothing - beats last night's.

So there I was in my sleep, dreaming that I was watching myself watch TV wtf. And amidst all the happenings - sitting on our perfect white suede couch in a perfectly white room... you know, that type that exists only on Pinterest, channel surfing, getting more food and dealing with a husband who nags too much is very concerned about my well-being, I was also dreaming about what was happening on the telly screen.

A living room so perfect it can only exist on the Internet

i.e. I was a scriptwriter x 2. One for the me in my dream and what she was doing and two for the Channel 8 TV screen in that setting. (Yes, Channel 8 fml. I don't even watch TV in real life, let alone CHANNEL EIGHT wtf.)

I don't know how I should feel - incredulous at my brain's capacity to dream in two languages (hello, channel 8 is in Mandarin ok) or the fact that.... I have wasted brain matter on Chinese TV wtf.

Like... Hello brain, can you come up with something better next time? Maybe a step-by-step guide to how I can get Channing Tatum to marry me wtf. That one you want Mandarin, Tagalog, Spanish or even Yupik also can wtf.

Ok lah, I'll be more realistic.

Ryan Gosling can already.

You guys can call me Mrs Lol.