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Innovative Wall Decor Ideas To Beautify Your Kid's Room

5 years ago / Hidden

Decorating a kid’s room is a tricky affair that a lot of parents understandably struggle with. As we all know, kids are quite intuitive and receptive. These traits are inherent to every child. That is why parents, while decorating their kid's room, find themselves asking – What will be the best way to make a good impression on the kid? What type of wall décor will calm him or her down while going to sleep? Even though there are options aplenty, there are only a few correct options to choose from. Here are some innovative wall decor ideas that will definitely beautify a kid’s room, giving off the desired results.

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Using a fabric

If a parent wants to go the super classy route while decorating the kid's room, a tapestry or wall hanging can be a great option. It certainly adds a range of colours and patterns to the room. Plus, they are a great way of introducing a child to artistic decorations from a young age. These fabrics are also very adjustable, and threads, patterns, etc. symbolic to the child or the family can be easily woven in.

Internet related décor concepts

The internet has reached everywhere. So why not a kid’s room? First of all, it is a very zany approach to designing a kid’s room. However unconventional it may be, the correct application can surely earn parents their much coveted, ‘I have the coolest parents in the world’ title from their children. A cool way to incorporate internet related décor into a kid’s room is to use memes as life-scale decorative pieces. Ragemaker.Net, for instance, is one of the best websites containing almost every meme face on the internet. Why not use memes as a wall decor idea not to just beautify the kid’s room, but to also add a sense of humour to the house?

Hanging mirrors

Hanging mirrors as a wall décor is a rather minimalistic and brave decision for parents. They reflect light and help in making a small space feel larger and brighter. However, for parents who have hyperactive children always running around the house bumping into objects, this may not be the best idea. However, in case a kid is shy and reserved in nature, mirrors can be ideal for beautifying a room.


The fact that shelves are awesome for kids is well known around the world. Shelves intrinsically add a lot of features. From being an unusual measure of kids’ heights to being the perfect podium for displaying action figures, trophies etc. shelves are perfect for kids’ wall décor. Parents should consider installing floating shelves and use them to add a kind of glamour to the room.


Bringing in small pots of plants to a kid’s room as a wall décor idea is in many ways perfect. They add a degree of natural beauty to the room. Plus, the kids can be made responsible for its maintenance! Hanging them by threads adjacent to the wall is only one way of doing it.

These innovative wall design ideas for kids will certainly deliver great results. You will soon have a decoration for your kid’s room you can be proud of!