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How to ace your Internship

6 years ago / working girl

My 2 cents on nailing your internship!

It's internship season again and time for many polytechnic students/ undergraduates to score their internships in Singapore.

I was just telling my super-intern-turned-operations-manager the other day about how she's the best intern we've ever hired.

(And how I must be the best employer in the world wtf because she stuck with me for 5 good years and counting haha.)

So here's my 2 cents on how to ace your internship:

1) Coffee is only the beginning

Because like it or not, you WILL be tasked with coffee runs. Getting that decaf skinny flat white with half a pump of sugar-free vanilla syrup right is the first step to proving that you're not an idiot, building relationships and earning trust.

Or, you can be like my super intern who MADE me this coffee this morning. Yes, complete with that latte art wtf. Sure to leave an impression.

2) Pay attention to the details

Nothing turns me off more than glaring spelling or grammar mistakes that shouldn't exist in this digital era. It says a lot about your (lacking) attitude if you cna't evn be botehred to run your work through spellcheck.

3) Buy your domain

Cause it's only going to cost you $3.98/year to control your reputation online.

4) Keep your phone away

One problem I have with the younger generation these days is how they are ALWAYS on the phone. Constantly replying your WhatsApp group chats during work hours is a definite no-no.

5) Add Value

At the end of the day, what managers REALLY remember is not how well you do your work but how you have contributed to the organization. Go above and beyond. Find ways to be creative in the tasks you are assigned. Think outside the box.

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