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It's a partayyyy

Throwing a party and getting married all over again

The hubs came back on Friday and we threw another one of our house parties (see #bartleyadventures on Instagram to know what I mean lol) on Sunday, partly to celebrate his homecoming and mostly cause I needed an excuse to show off my nephew...

who can read before he's two lol

So we gathered about twenty of our friends (mostly mine actually...) and put together our guaranteed to work recipe for a great night at the Go's: his signature mushroom soup served with homemade garlic bread (chopping garlic to make garlic butter was SUCH a bitch btw), steaks on the grill, chicken wings marinated for 24hrs in our secret sauce, wine, home-brewed beer and satay bought from our trusty Clementi supplier.

Bacon is love

Plus the most stressful salad I ever had to toss up... 'cause 3 hours before the dinner, the hubs was surfing Facebook when he saw a photo of a salad uploaded by someone's wife when the kitchen nazi in him exploded,

"Some people really shouldn't cook. Either that or don't upload photos lah. Don't know what is shame is it!"


Which by the way, here's the recipe for a good salad (or at least, deemed passable by the hubs): wild rocket, mache, watercress, corn kernels, sundried tomatoes, grapes, edamame, craisins and mini mozzarella balls served with Italian dressing.

The ONLY way to eat mashed potato - with a ton of butter

So anyway, over the course of the night we had SO much fun, we were hardly together - I was laughing with my girls (and catching up on who divorced WHO?!), he was drinking with the boys and both of us each contesting for the title of Best Host of the Night. We eventually said our last goodbyes slightly after midnight, cleared up the mess, have our friends tell us that it's yet another awesome party with even more awesome food (I swear I'm not typing this only cause it's on my blog hahaha) before we crashed into bed and went,

"You know, this strangely feels like our wedding?"

Yeah, in between all that entertaining and tryna make sure everyone's fed and comfy (more wine? more cake?), I think I spoke only 8 sentences to him on the night of our wedding - of which 5 were that of my wedding vows lol.

We are not the sticky do everything together one big happy family kinda couple but I guess that's how we function - that we work separately together (what an oxymoron) to please the people around us, and in turn, knowing that the people we both care about are happy, makes us happy.

What a ridiculously deep thought for such a shallow night haha.


1) Only photos of food cause when I passed him the camera to take photos "of the party". Apparently food > everything.

2) He happily says that this means we don't have to throw what silver or golden anniversary celebration anymore. Just anyhowly drink beer in our garden can already wtf.