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It's April already?!

4 years ago / travel / working girl / new york

For once there are no pictures of my face lol.

Location: La Bagel Delight, Brooklyn, New York.

Hello Friends!

These pictures were taken at the crack of dawn on our first morning in New York. Not that we got up early, but jet lag IS a real thing and thanks to Google maps, we managed to find the nearest deli opened at 6am and we happily made our way over. The onion crab cake bagel was hands down the BEST breakfast we had in the city (check out my NYC food bible here) but it could possibly be because that's all on my mind these days - bagels and avocado toast. Still on the hunt for the best avocado toast in Singapore - let me know if you have any place to rec! x

Anyhow, here's what's new with my life!

1. Travel This year, I haven't been flying as much as before and while I'm glad to be grounded because it means work here is going well, part of me is going crazy at how slowly the pages of my passport are filling up lol. I'm heading to Hong Kong next week for work and Japan (again) next month with the hubs and I'm thinking of checking out Karuizawa this time round. Only because it's said to be John Lennon's summer resort town but erm, no, I'm not THAT huge a fan of his.

2. Gastritis I feel kinda embarrassed to say this but at a ripe old age of 31, I don't really know the difference between the different kinds of abdomen pain? Like is it period cramps or do I need to poop or am I just hungry? I usually just try sitting on the toilet and eating (of course not at the same time) to see what works and if both don't, scream bloody murder that I'm dying from appendicitis. Which was what happened to me two weekends ago after an excruciating 6-hour wait of trying to decipher if it's food poisoning or indigestion, we finally decided to head to the A&E where I was diagnosed to have gastritis. Yup. I'm now very regular with my meals. I eat practically every hour lol.

3. We got a dog! Though this deserves a post of its own cause I have to flood you guys with pictures of my beautiful sheltie baby but for now you can see him on Instagram #burgerthesheltie. With him, I have discovered this immense maternal instinct I never knew I had... like I would actually turn down evening events because I want to go home quickly to him lol.

4. I wash my hands 60 times a day. I think it comes with the dog (though I have had dogs for the past 15 years I don't remember being THIS crazy) but yeah, I wash my hands with soap after I touch any doorknob (though now I prefer to use my elbows or kick the door open if I can. Yeah. So badass) and before I eat and after I touch money and if I touch anything that looks remotely dirty. I also have three hand sanitisers at any time in my handbag.

5. I have a lemongrass obsession. It started with me looking for alternative insect repellants because I cannot stand the Tiger Balm one (I live very near the new Zika cluster so Miss Paranoia here) and I ended up chancing upon the Lemongrass House at Raffles City and purchasing insect repellants, room sprays, shower foam, diffusers and the likes. I'm proud to say that I am officially a member of the brand.

6. Crazy Rich Asians. I picked the book up before my last flight to Taipei and it was so good I finished it in one day and promptly got the sequel China Rich Girlfriend when I was back at the airport. I can't wait for the movie to be out though I have a bad feeling it's gonna be a let down cause I'm not too pleased with the casting of the male lead but oh well, we shall see.

7. Bangkok. I miss Bangkok and my Thai life a lot. Especially when Facebook reminds me every morning about all those years living in Thailand. The partner went up to look for the other partner (confusing much?) for 2 weeks recently and I know it's business, but I can't help thinking about the pad kra pow and coconut ice cream I'm NOT having. Obviously it doesn't help that they kept spamming the group chat with pictures and more pictures.

8. Relocation. The hubs recently asked again if I want him to take up a long-term overseas deployment. To be honest, it has always been my dream to relocate again for another two years or so (preferably if it's Australia) but after much consideration, it was with a bitter heart that I chose to stay put. Mainly because of the new business.

That being said,

9. The new business is doing pretty well! I still can't tell you what exactly is it yet but hopefully we'd be all settled by next month and I finally shout it out loud then. But let's just say, if you know anybody who needs social media work done, please drop me a line!

10. Fast and Furious 8 will be out next week and I AM COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS. I'm not a fan of series, mostly cause I have no patience at all lol, but I have been following the Fast series ever since the beginning of time. I wonder if you know... It feels like it's been forever since I last caught a good movie.

Ok, that's it! TGIF friends and I can't wait to enjoy yet another uneventful weekend without the hubs (he's on detachment AGAIN) but hey, at least I have my avocado toasts to look forward to.

Love always xxx