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I've been credit card fraud-ed!!!

5 years ago / personal / working girl

No shit, some bugger's having a field day in Amsterdam with my credit card wtf.

If you want to know how I currently look like, it is NOT like that:

Note to self - Remember to remove hair tie from hand before taking photos wtf.

All zen and at peace with my inner self? HELL, NO!

Because yours truly over here is the victim of a fucking credit card fraud.

So basically, I have 5 credit cards - I know, why do I need so many right? - because I use one solely for petrol, one to clock miles, one for all my grocery purchases, one for all my web purchases and one for all my Uber & Grab car charges. And a sup card for all my Jap food cravings FYI.

The mother long story is, (you can skip this para, it's not very actually important BUT I WANT TO TALK)... 3 of my cards are usually due around the 13/14/15th of the month and the Amex is usually due around 20-something while the Citi is due at the end of the month, like 30th/31st. I usually pay my 13,14,15th bills on time and I won't even log into my Citibank iBanking until say, 28th of the month but for some strange reason - must be divine intervention - last night at 1am, even though I was sleepy like fug and had said good night like one million times alr to all the people I was chatting with on Facebook and Whatsapp web (best invention ever), I decided to log into my Citibank account to clear the bill (must have been feeling rich, but no, I never win 4D) and then LO AND FUCKING BEHOLD, MY CREDIT CARD BILL WAS TOO. DAMN. HIGH.

(Okay, maybe low for you guys but hello, struggling startup owner and influenza wannabe over here ok.)

Like my usual Citi bill typically hovers around $1K-ish (this is the Uber & Grab card) but this time round, it was like $5K WTF.

My first thought? Did I spend SO fucking much on Grab this month?

Second thought - I must be a victim of the infamous Uber credit card frauds.

Current panic level?

Kim K when she lost her diamond earring in the Pacific ocean.


For visual purpose - in case, if you like me, HAVE NO SENSE OF IMAGINATION.

So I scanned through my credit card statement, when I saw that some bloody fucker was having a field day in Am-fucking-sterdam putting up at Novotel and chilling out at cafes and then booking MORE hotels at which incidentally MY OWN credit card charge for that same day showed me to be leading a very sad life in comparison, at Fairprice NEX buying groceries.





So yah, I called Citibank (by then it was like 2 fucking am) and the guy over on the other side of the phone was SO NICE about it and I'm not saying it only cause he somewhat solved my situation... I'm saying it cause I've been a fan of Citi for the longest time already.


Nah, Photographic Evidence.

Third thought now - Wah heng ah it's my Citi card that kena fraud. Cause if it's my ANZ then FUCKING HOSEH already. ANZ's customer service I tell you... leaves me speechless. :thumbsup:

So anyway, kind guy over the phone told me - very calmly some more - that:

1) He will cancel my card with immediate effect and have a new one sent to me in 3 to 5 days.
2) That Citi will grant me a temp credit and I don't have to pay for the fraudulent transactions while they investigate.
3) That investigation can take up to 2 months - Aiya, this I understand lah. I mean, across borders and all.

So now that everything's sorta resolved, I can go to bed with a peace of mind and stop using all that crass language already lol.


Because I'm a lady, that's why.

But not before the partner decided to have this very... revelational conversation with me:

00:46 Zachary you know hor
00:46 Zachary you very lucky
00:46 Zachary i don't think ppl will steal a card just to stay in a hotel room for a night
00:46 Zachary for fun
00:47 Flora of course lah
00:47 Zachary they probably conducted illegal transactions in that hotel room
00:47 Zachary and used a fake card so as to not get detected
00:47 Zachary like drug deals or stuff
00:47 Flora then
00:47 Zachary ya lor
00:48 Flora so how am i lucky
00:48 Zachary so ur card was skimmed to facilitate a drug deal
00:48 Zachary 1 in a million lor
00:48 Zachary or probably someone was raped or murdered in that room that night