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JAPARA Thailand

4 years ago / beauty

Essential oil scents of Ancient Egypt

I'm super excited about today's post because the brand's by a friend of mine!

I actually started using perfume quite early... because my mother used to drown herself in scents so I grew up thinking that wearing a scent = womanly lol. So when I was in secondary school, I would carry a bottle of Marks & Spencer body mist (I think it was blueberry?) in my bag and I eventually progressed to Chanel No. 5 when I started working cause, Chanel lol.

My friend recently launched her own perfume line, JAPARA. This Thai brand (I'm tempted to type #supportlocal lol) features quality scents made from natural ingredients. Every bottle also contains a fair amount of essential oil imported from Cairo which helps to hydrate and nourish our skin. Since their launch in October 2016, they have already been endorsed by several Thai celebrities!

Here's the full collection!


Inspired by one of the most - if not THE most - beautiful women in ancient Egypt, this has a sweet, fruity scent almost like lychee. I particularly like wearing this on hot days!

Secret of Desert

If you prefer something stronger, this fragrance features woody undertones with sandalwood and musk. Definitely for those who like it warm, sensual and spicy!

Key of Life

This is actually my favourite amongst the 4! It is really subtle with a hint of vanilla bean sweetness.


Isis is the goddess of love and this feminine scent has a sweet floral aroma with lavender undertones. I'd wear this out on a date night!

JAPARA Thailand is priced at THB990 (S$40) per bottle and they are available for purchase at their website or you can add them on Line ID: @JAPARA.

You can also find them at:

Instagram: @japara_egypt