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Secret to brighter, glowing skin

5 years ago / beauty

Unveil a fairer and more confident you with Kinohimitsu!

If there's anything I'm particularly concerned about, it's about my skin.

Not only am I obsessed about being fair (I spam the sunblock like anything and I NEVER ever go out in the noon sun without a hat or umbrella), I'm also concerned about pigmentation, dark spots and freckles - which aren't very cute (to me lah).

To empower women to step out of comfort zones with confidence, Kinohimitsu has put together a total brightening set to help unveil a brighter, fairer and more confident you in just 14 days.

This set retails at $128 (UP: $209.60) and includes:

  • 1 x Prowhite (30 sachets)
  • 2 x UV Bright (10 bottles)
  • 1 x Be White (30 capsules) – their NEWEST product

The recommended consumption for luminous, crystal clear skin will be:


Here's more info about each of them!


Morning: Start your day (or outdoor activities) with one bottle of UV Bright Drink.

Rich in Grape Seed Extract (OPC) 98% concentration, this powerful antioxidant promises up to 9 hours of UV protection and is clinically proven to treat dry skin, spots, wrinkles and melanin decomposition. Coupled with efficient whitening actives – Grape Polyphenols, apple polyphenols and vitamin C, all of the ingredients work together to provide healing + UV protection from head to toe!


Afternoon: Simply pop a Be White capsule to protect yourself from the harsh afternoon sun.

The new formula contains Pomegranate extract, Tomato extract, Olive extract, Glutathione and Vitamin C. These 5 ingredients work in synergy to provide skin brightening, UV protection and anti-photoageing. Be White act effectively to eliminate freckles, stubborn spots and prevents new melanin formation.

Coming in capsule form also means that you can easily take it whenever, wherever - even if you are on the go.


Evening: Before sleeping, you can mix one sachet of Prowhite with your favorite beverage such as milk or juice.

This helps to promote liver detox and boost cell rejuvenation and regeneration as you sleep.

And you can then wake up to brighter, clearer, fairer skin!

Kinohimitsu is 100% natural and the combination of the Total Glow set works together to reduce pigmentation, dark spots and freckles, revealing healthy and glowing skin from within.

Make up is then able to glide on smoothly and stay longer and your skin will also be more moisturized and less oily. It also helps to lighten acne scars.

The Kinohimitsu Total Glow Set is available exclusively online at their online store while Be White, UV Bright and Prowhite are available at all leading pharmacies, major departmental stores and retailers.

My thoughts?

While I am naturally very fair, I inevitably have to go out into the sun a lot for photoshoots (pictures only look good in daylight) and meetings, pigmentation is something that I'm really worried about. I don't want age spots on my face or arms when I'm older! Total sun care and protection is definitely something we should invest in for our future for brighter, clearer, fairer and luminous skin!


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